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高考英语一轮总复习 第二部分 学生作业手册 Module5 Ethnic Culture 外研版选修7

Module 5

Ethnic Culture

1.She i________ a little money from her grandfather. 2.Jack f________ the map up and put it into his pocket. 3.He tried to a________ himself to the new life there. 4.Karl Marx's n________ language was German but he wrote some books in English. 5.Most of the nations want peace,only a ________(少数)want the war to continue. 6.Water ________(飞溅)into the bucket from the tap. 7.I thought she had retired,but ________(显然)she hasn't. 8.At the airport,the ________(海关)officers searched his case. 9.The more she tried to get out of the situation,the more ________(尴尬的)it became. 10.The sheep had got out and were ________(自由的)on the road. 答案:1.inherited 2.folded 3.adjust 4.native 5.minority 6.splashed 7.apparently Ⅱ.句型转换 1.This is the most beautiful lake I've ever seen in my life. →I have never seen ______________ lake in my life. 2.His money used up, he had to ask his friends for help. →His money ________________, he had to ask his friends for help. 3.It's no use crying over the spilt milk. →____________________________ in crying over the spilt milk. 4.He has been away from his hometown for five years. →________________ five years ________ he left his hometown. 5.However clever you are, you should study hard. →________________ clever you are, you should study hard. 答案:1.a more beautiful 4.It is; since Ⅲ.单项填空 1.Our children go to the ________ school. It's very near. A.local C.near 答案:A B.native D.close near 与 close 表示“靠近的”,不可作前置定语;native 指“土生土长的, 2.running out 3.There is no point 8.customs 9.awkward 10.loose

5.No matter how

本国的”;local 指“当地的”,根据句意答案为 A。

2.He has no idea how to ________ a business . A.control C.operate 答案:B B.run D.deal

control“控制”,不合句意;operate 作“经营”时为不及物动词;D 项

deal“交易”也为不及物动词;而 B 项 run 表示“经营”为及物动词。 3.Down ________ from the tree. A.fell it C.it fell B.falling it D.it falling

答案:C 考查倒装。down 属表地点方位的副词,但主语是“it”属代词,则主谓语序 不倒装;B、D 两项不合乎语法, 答案为 C。 4.He ________ some old photos in the attic (顶楼,阁楼). A.came along C.came up B.came down D.came across

答案:D 短语辨析题。come along“进步,好转”;come down“下降”;come up“被 提出”;come across“遇见,偶然发现”,根据句意答案为 D。 5 . (2011· 天 津 市 五 校 联 考 )Since he often travels on business, he can________himself to sleeping in any place he can find. A.devote C.force B.accustom D.reduce

答案: B 句意: 因为他经常因公出差, 所以他形成了随遇而安的习惯。 accustom oneself to doing sth.“使自己习惯于做某事”; devote oneself to doing sth.“使自己致力于 做某事”。 6.His spare time has been made use of ________. A.to learn computer B.learning computer C.to be learnt computer D.for learning computer 答案:A 本题考查了 make use of...to do sth.“利用……做某事”。 7.They hand down the ________ from generation to generation to keep their way of life alive. A.interest C.custom 答案: C B.habit D.action 句意:他们一代代传承着他们的风俗以使他们的生活方式保存下来。

custom“传统风俗、 习俗”符合语境。 interest“兴趣”; habit“个人习惯”; action“行

动”,故选 C。 8.Most nurses are women, but in the higher ranks of the medical profession women are in a ________. A.scarcity C.minimum B.minority D.shortage

答案:B A、D 项表示“不足,缺少”,C 项表示“最小数”而 B 项表示“少数”,in a minority 表示“占少数”,属固定用法。 9.He had to have his son ________ because of financial difficulty. A.adopted C.adopt B.adapted D.adapt

答案:A 句意:因为经济困难他只好将儿子送给别人收养。have sb./sth. done“让 某人/某事被……”,属固定用法。故选 A。 10.Reading ________ the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours. A.furnishes C.admits B.instructs D.quits

答案: A furnish...with...“用……装备……”。 instruct“引导”; admit“承认”; quit“放弃”,均不合句意。 11.He rose slowly, his eyes still ________ on the piece of paper. A.fasten C.fastened B.fastening D.fastens

答案:C 本题考查独立主格结构,his eyes 和 fasten 之间是被动关系,故选 C 项。 12.The boy knocked down by the car stood up all by himself, ________ unhurt. A.apparently C.unfortunately B.surprisingly D.generally

答案:A apparently“显然地”;surprisingly“令人吃惊地”;unfortunately“不 幸地”;generally“一般地”。句意:被车撞倒的那个男孩自己站了起来,显然没有受伤。 13.Since his retirement, having a walk along the river after supper has become part of his daily ________. A.tradition C.convention 答案:D B.custom D.routine


routine“(固定而有规律的)习惯”。根据句意判断应选 D 项,part of daily routine 指 日常生活的一部分。

14.It was recommended that passengers ________ smoke during the flight. A.not C.could not 答案:A B.need not D.would not

recommend that 后面的从句谓语用(should) do 的虚拟语气形式。

15.The teacher discussed with Jim, ________ problems was poor study habits. A.one of which C.whose B.one of whose D.who's

答案:B 句子后半句的意思是:吉姆的其中一个问题是学习习惯不好。如果不考虑句 法,则为:one of Jim's problems。根据题干分析,空格的前面是逗号,因此后面不是一 个独立的分句,而是修饰 Jim 的定语从句,因此要用 whose 代替 Jim's。 Ⅳ.完形填空 There's almost nothing good about goodbyes,but if something is missed, it is because it was good.I'm not good at writing and I don't think it's __1__ to write this article, but I really need to __2__ people who helped me __3__ this year, people who made __4__ in a different country easier. The first day I got here, I went to make my __5__, and of course, the first person I got to meet was Carla. That's __6__ she's the first person I thank, because of all the help with classes and the __7__ she had with me. Since as an exchange student, I can't __8__. I would like to thank all the people that sometimes offered me __9__. Thanks to all the people that were nice to me, __10__. They were friendly __11__ not knowing me, not __12__ a good day themselves, not understanding my __13__. There's a lot more to be thankful __14__, but all I can say is that this was __15__ the best year of my life, and part of it is because of some people I met in this __16__ high school. Some of these people are already __17__, some are graduating, and some I just met this school year. I strongly believe that friends are always friends, regardless of age,__18__, race or anything else; people in need deserve having a place in others' hearts. All the friends I __19__ there will always be on my mind. I'll __20__ them. 1.A.easy C.wise B.hard D.happy

答案:A 根据上文 I’m not good at writing 可判断出,对于不善于写作的作者来说, 写这篇文章不是一件“容易的”事。 2.A.remember B.thank

C.recognize 答案: B thank。 3.A.with C.through 答案: C



B.up D.out through... 意为“帮

此处意为“帮助我度过这一年的人”。 help...

助……度过……”。 4.A.traveling C.sightseeing 答案:B studying。 5.A.schedule C.project B.decision D.appointment 要制定一个“计划”,即 B.studying D.settling 习”变得容易,因此选


答案:A 第一次来到一个陌生的国度准备学习,应该是 schedule,而不是做“决 6.A.because C.where

定”、做“项目”或是去“约会”。 B.why D.when

答案:B 根据上一句 the first person I got to meet was Carla 可推出此处意为: 那就是她是我第一个要感谢的人的原因。why 引导表语从句,表原因。 7.A.patience C.agreement B.toleration D.satisfaction

答案:A 作者要感谢的是她在功课上的帮助以及她对自己的耐心(patience)。 8.A.cook C.drive B.drink D.work

答案:C 根据空前的 Since as an exchange student,再借助选项可判断此处指“我 不会开车”。不会“做 9.A.wines C.rides 饭”、“喝酒”或“工作”都不符合逻辑。 B.meals D.maps

答案:C 因为作者不会开车,只好搭别人的车,作者在此也对那些让他搭车的人表示 感谢。offer sb.a ride 为惯用搭配,表示“让某人搭便车”。 10.A.no matter what C.more or less B.now and again D.by any chance

答案:A 本句意为:无论如何,我得感谢所有对我好的人。no matter what 有“无论 如何”之意,符合语境。now and again“偶尔,时常”,more or less“或多或少”,by any

chance“万一”,都不符合句意。 11.A.still C.once B.even D.only 好。用 even 表示强调。

答案:B 此处意为:他们甚至都不认识我,但对我很友 12.A.sharing C.designing B.expecting D.having

答案:D 根据空后的 a good day themselves 可知,应选 意为“度过愉快的一天”。 13.A.accent C.feeling B.expression D.thought

having。have a good day

答案:A 因为作者是在外国求学,所以肯定有很多人听 14.A.for C.with B.to D.of


答案:A 此处是指作者有太多的人和事要感谢。be 意为“感谢……”。 15.A.doubtfully C.frequently

thankful for...为固定搭配,

B.relatively D.definitely

答案:D 作者在众多朋友的帮助下愉快地度过了一个学年,因此他认为这一年肯定是 他一生中最美好的一年。definitely 意为“肯定地”。 16.A.normal C.popular B.new D.different (new)学校。

答案:B 作者来到异地求学,对他来说学校应是新 17.A.graduated C.reported

B.applied D.separated 了)可判断,此处指“有

答案:A 根据后面的 some are graduating(有的快毕业 的已经毕业”,因此用 18.A.area C.nationality graduated(毕了业的)。 B.community D.district

答案:C 作者认为朋友永远是朋友,不论年龄、国籍 他什么。 19.A.found C.dreamed B.made D.heard


答案:B 作者表示会把所有的朋友记在心里。make friends 意思是“交朋友”,为固 定搭配。

20.A.lose C.miss

B.believe D.touch

答案:C 由上文可推出,作者会永远想念(miss)他们。 Ⅴ.阅读理解 There was a wonder?filled little girl who was hurt so badly that when she entered adult life, she thought she was so bad that others just couldn't be nice to her. But she had a lot of curiosity, which kept her going. She sought many wise people to help her understand why she was so bad that her mother hurt her and why she was unable to be better so that men wouldn't hurt her. She was on a journey that she thought was to help her be “better”. She carried a big bag with her everywhere she went. Inside it were all the hurts she had experienced. Because she was so eager to please those who offered their wisdom, she willingly agreed with what they said about forgiving. But she held that bag of hurts tightly. After 50 years of carrying that bag around and showing it to all she met as if it were proof that she was a good person, she decided to open it up and just see what happened. When she looked inside, it was filled with bits of paper. At one time they had words on them, detailing the hurts. But time had faded (褪色) the words and all that was left was some useless paper. She had been struggling to carry this bag that held nothing but the image of something that once was. She saw the absurdity of carrying that bag around. It made her laugh. By letting go of the paper and having pity for those that hurt her, this little girl was able to become a woman with beautiful hair. The woman looked in the mirror and said, “I am lovable. ” Although it took many years, she was finally open to bringing love and respect into her life. 1.When she grew up, the little girl wondered ________. A.where she should go B.why she couldn't be loved C.how she could be a sweet girl D.why she was hurt so deeply 答案:B 细节理解题。由第 1 段中的 she thought she was so bad that others just couldn't he nice to her.可知答案为 B 项。 2.What advice did the girl get from wise people? A.To please those who hurt her.

B.To keep carrying the bag of hurts. C.To record the hurts she suffered. D.To forgive those who hurt her. 答案:D 细节理解题。由第 3 段中的 Because she was so eager to please those who offered their wisdom,she willingly agreed with what they said about forgiving. 可知选 D 项。 3.The woman laughed in the end because ________. A.she had beautiful hair B.she became lovable C.she realized her silliness D.she became a wise woman 答案:C 细节理解题。由最后一段中的 She saw the absurdity of carrying that bag around.It made her laugh.她是笑自己原来那些愚蠢的想法。 4.What lesson can we learn from the story? A.You will walk fast without carrying a load. B.You will get peace after forgiving others. C.You will become young if you forget your hurts. D.You will be loved after changing your image. 答案:B 推理判断题。文章讲的是一个原本没有人喜欢的女孩在学会了宽容和感恩之 后,成为一位可爱的女士的故事。这个故事告诉我们善待别人会收获尊重和关爱,故答案为 B 项。


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