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2011 年全国各地中考英语单项选择题分类汇总 年全国各地中考英语单项选择题分类汇总

【2011?上海】1. The old man used to raise many _____ to make a living on the farm. A. duck B.horse C.bird D. sheep 【2011?上海】2.These natural disasters have warned us that everyone should start to protect the _____ immediately. A. amusement B. development C. environment D. government 【2011?天津】3. For my homework I have to write a(n)______ about the wonders of the world. A. music. B. picture. C. composition. D. exam 【2011?安徽】4. -- I have great __ in learning math and I'm so worried. Could you help me? -- Sure. I'd be glad to. A. trouble B. interest C. joy D. fun 【2011?陕西】5. John wants to be a , so he often helps sick people in the hospital. A. reporter B. doctor C. scientist D. cook 【2011?宁夏】6. We have only one Earth. It's our common ________. ?宁夏】 C. home D. room A. family B. house 【2011?重庆】7. Could you please get me some_______? I’m hungry. C. bread D. egg A. apple B. water 【2011?江西】8. The doctor told me to eat more_________ because it's good for my health.
D. fish A. orange B. vegetables C. ice cream 【2011?山西】9. Read the ______ carefully. They will help you know how to use the popper. A. instructions B. decisions C. results 【2011?南通】10. Mandeep can go to school now ----UNICEF has paid for her _______. A. education B. vacation C. competion d. invention

【2011?河北省】11. Cici enjoys dancing. It's one of her A. prize B. prizes C. hobby

. D. hobbies

【2011?河南省】12. 1 have some problems with my English writing. Can you give me some____? A. advice B. decisions C. information D. messages 【2011?湖北武汉】13. - I’m going to the supermarket. Let me get you some fruit. - OK. Thanks for your _____. A. offer B. information C. message D. order 【2011· 江苏苏州】 14. There are millions of websites on the Internet and there ________ a lot of useful _________ on the websites. A. are; informations B. are; information C. is; information D. is; information 【2011?贵州安顺】15. _______ about the sports meeting make us excited. A. News B. Information C. Messages D. Advice 【2011?贵州遵义】16. —Where’s Jack? —He’s left a ________ saying that he will be back in a minute. A. message B. news C. information 【2011?山东东营】17.I don't know how to deal with my family problem. Can you give me some___________?

A. advice B. messages C. information D. instructions 【2011 云南八市】18. “I want my leg! I want to run! I want to jump! a _________ girl cried in the hospital in Libya(利比亚). A.5-year-old B. 5-years-olds C. 5 year old D. 5-year-old. 【2011 云南八市】19.—Jenny, what’s your favorite _________? —I like bananas best. B. fruit C. meat D. drink A. vegetables 四川资阳 【2011?四川资阳】20. Tom has just finished writing a _________ article. 四川资阳】 A. nine-hundred-words B. nine-hundreds-word C. nine-hundred-word D. nine-hundreds-words 【2011.连云港】21. .—How amazing the noodle is! —Yes, it is ______,and breaks the Guinness World Record as the longest handmade noodle. A.1. 704–meter–long B.1. 704–meters–long C.1. 704 meter long D.1. 704 meters long 泸州】 【2011?四川泸州】22. --- How far is your family from here? 泸州 --- It’s about ten _____ walk. A. minute’s B. minute C. minutes’ D. minutes 【2011?贵州贵阳】23. "Excuse me, how can I get to the nearest bus stop?" "Go down this road. It's about_________ walk A. five minute's B. five minutes' C. five-minutes 【2011?湖南岳阳 湖南岳阳】24.It’s from our school to my home. 湖南岳阳 A. ten minutes’ walk B. ten minute’s walk C. ten minutes walk 【2011?贵州安顺】25. Can you imagine what life will be like in ______ time? A. 50 years’ B. 50 year’s C. 50-years’ D. 50-years 【2011?江苏无锡】26. The theme park is about ___ ride from the museum. You should start out right now. A. two hour B. two hour’s C. two hours’ D. two hours 【2011?湖南张家界】27. It’s a quarter to 5:00. I am meeting Terry in 15 _______ at 5:00. A. seconds B. minutes C.hours 【2011?福建泉州】28. —Are there any fishes in the _________ near your house? —Yes, there are. A. sand B. river C.hill 【2011?广东清远】29. I'm so hungry. Please give me ______ to eat

A. three bread C. three pieces of breads

B three pieces of bread D three piece of bread

【2011?四川德阳】30. – Can I help you, sir? -- I’d like to have 100 _____. I want my students to draw pictures. A. piece of paper B. pieces of paper C. pieces of papers 【2011·贵州安顺】31. —Mr. Smith always has _____ to tell us. —So he does. A. some good pieces of news B. some pieces of good news C. some good piece of news D. some piece of good news 【2011?浙江杭州】32. For breakfast, I usually have______ and two pieces of bread. A. a cup of milk half B. half a cup of milk C. a half milk cup D. half a milk cup 黑龙江绥化市 【2011?黑龙江绥化市】33. Tom's watch is the same as his_______. 黑龙江绥化市】 A, brother B. brothers C. brother's 黑龙江绥化市 【2011?黑龙江绥化市】34. She likes ______best of all the vegetables, 黑龙江绥化市】 A. potatoes B. eggs C. oranges

【2011?内蒙古包头】35. —Dad, I’ve got an “A” in the math exam. —Great. And I’m sure you will do better, because this is a good ______. A. report B. result C. start D. skill 【2011?广西柳州】36. I bought an ice cream in the shop. A. river B. store C. home 【2011?广西柳州】37. Tony has many Chinese ______. A. stamp B. stamps C. a stamp 【2011?湖南湘潭】38. The_______ of most trees will fall in autumn. C .leaves A leaf B. leafs 【2011?黑龙江哈尔滨】39. Boys and gills, feeling peaceful is the first step to become in the exam. So please take a deep breath and calm down. B. winners C. players A. runners 【2011?四川达州】40. —How many teachers are there in your school? ? — them over two hundred. ? A. woman; The number of; is B. women; The number of; is ? C. woman; A number of; is D. women; A number of; are 【2011?四川广元】41.Our hospital needs two ___ doctors, Mrs Li. You can ask your son to have a try. C. men A. women B. man 四川宜宾】 【2011?四川宜宾】42. There are many _______ playing on the playground. 四川宜宾 B. children C. man teachers D. sheeps A. child 四川资阳 【2011?四川资阳】43.—There are so many ______ over there. What’s happening? 四川资阳】 —Let’s go to have a look. D. people A. flower B. car C. child 【2011?乌鲁木齐】44. He has something wrong with his ________. He cannot see clearly. B. eyes C. hands D. arms A. legs 【2011?重庆江津】45.I have to speak to my grandpa loudly because something is wrong with his . B. ears C. hands D. legs A. eyes 【2011?贵州毕节 贵州毕节 贵州毕节】46—Hello! May I speak to Lucy,please? —Sorry,I’m afraid you have the wrong . C.number D.telephone A.way B.name . 【2011?广西梧州】47. Please pick up the ____. Don’t keep it on the floor. A. paper B. boxes C. books D. bottles 【2011?福建莆田】48—I want a_________ to cut the big apple. Could you pass me one? —Certainly, here you are. A. fork B. knife C. spoon 【2011?广东深圳】49. — Could you please tell me something about the two_ ? — ____. They arc exchange students of No. 1 Middle School. A. Frenchmen; Yes, please B. Frenchmans; Come on C. Germen; Not at all D. Germans; All right 【2011·四川德阳】50. Stop making so much _____. The children are sleeping. A. voice B. noise C. sound 【2011?黑龙江大庆 大庆】51. — Did you hear any strange _____when the quake happened? 大庆 — No, I was in my garden with my flowers and was enjoying the beautiful _____of my birds at that time. A. voice; noise B. noise; sound C. whisper; sound D. sound; voice 【2011?辽宁本溪 本溪】52. Could you lend me your ______?I want to take some photos. 本溪

A. watch B. radio C. camera 【2011?广西崇左】53.---What’s your favorite sport? ----I like_____in the river.

D. telephone

【2011?广西崇左】54 —What’s in the icebox? ---A few ____, but little ____. A. apple, milk B.apple, milks C.apples, milks D.apples, milk 【2011?广西贺州】55Mazy's skirt is the same as her_____. A. sisters B. brother C. brother’s D. sister’s 【2011 湖南郴州】56. There isn't any ______in the fridge. We need to go shopping. A. oranges B. milk C. eggs 【2011?贵州遵义】57. The foreigners from the USA like Chinese dishes very much. A.plates B.food C.fruit 【2011?江苏泰州】58. He has poor _______, so he can’t see the words on the blackboard clearly. A. smell B. taste C. hearing D. eyesight 【2011?山东菏泽】59.As young adults, it is our_____ to try our best to deal with each challenge in our education with the help of our teacher. A. work B. job C. duty D. task 【2011?山东滨州】60. Work hard, and you’ll get good ________. A. lessons B. notes C. grades D. answers 【2011?山东泰安】61. —Yao Ming is very popular among teenagers. —Yes. Many middle school students are his ______. A. heroes B. stars C. fans D. brothers 【2011·福建福州】62. — I am thirsty. May I have something to drink? — Ok. Here’s some _______. A. rice B. bread C. water 【2011?浙江宁波】63. — Excuse me, where can I exchange _________? — There’s a bank on the second floor. A. books B. food C. money D. stamps 【2011?浙江宁波】64.— You look so healthy! — Yeah, I like eating apples. An apple a day keeps the ______ away. A. teacher B. worker C. farmer D. doctor 【2011?山东聊城】65.Peter regards Liaocheng as his second because he has lived here for ten years. A. family B. house C. home D. room 【2011?湖南邵阳】66. I’m not sure about the meaning of the word. You’d better look it up in a (n) ______. A. letter B. dictionary C. article 【2011?四川广安】67. —Are there any _______ in the picture? —Yes, there are. A. fish B. pork C. beef 【2011?浙江丽水】68. The singer felt very sorry and decided he would never drive again after drinking. The traffic accident was really a _________ to him. D. lesson A.game B. pleasure C. skill 【2011?江苏南京】69.–Mrs Black, could you give me some advice on how to write an application letter?

–With pleasure. Remember that the letter should be written in the formal ______. B. style C. effect D. mood A. value 【2011?浙江舟山】70.— Would you please pass me something to drink? — What about some ______? A. beef B. fish C. juice D. bread 【2011?山东德州】71.Today, we have many other _______ to pay besides coins or paper money. A. excuses B. ways C. chances D. plans 【2011?江苏淮安】72.—Would you like some ___________? —Yes, please. I’m thirsty. A. water B. bread C. pens D. clothes

【2011?浙江温州】73.I am tired after the long walk.I want to have a __. A. talk B. look C. party D.rest
【2011?山东德州】74. Today, we have many other ______ to pay besides coins or paper money. A. excuses B. ways C. chances D. plans 【2011?山东德州】75. _________ is celebrated on September 10’. A. National Day B. Teacher’s Day C. Dragon Boat Festival D. Spring Festival 【2011?贵州铜仁】76. ________ is the most important festival in China. B. Spring Festival C. Mid-autumn Day D. National Day A. Christmas 【2011?江苏扬州】77—I’m sorry I went out for a smoke. I was very tired. —There’s no ______ for this while you are at work. B. excuse C. matter D. choice A. cause 【2011?湖南怀化】78. At night, we can see colorful lights on both ______ of the streets.

A. sides

B. side

C. side’s

【2011?湖北黄冈】79—Mrs. Wang was sent to teach English in a poor mountain village last year. — —She said she would never forget some pleasant ______while working there. A. experiments B. expressions C. experiences D. emotions 【2011?江苏宿迁】80.When you visit France, you can go to ______ and take photos there.

A B C D 【2011?浙江绍兴】81.— Excuse me. may 1 know your_______? — Sure. It's No. 3. Bridge Street. A. house B. address C. way D. place 【2011?四川绵阳】82. My classmate lent me a(an) so that I wouldn’t get wet in the rain. A. candle B. umbrella C. scarf D. Wallet 盐城】 to develop science and technology. 【2011?江苏盐城】83. The two cities have reached an ?江苏盐城 A. education B. excitement C. agreement D. invention (2011 ·湖南衡阳 84.There are two 湖南衡阳) and three on the table. 湖南衡阳 A. apple; banana B. apples; banana C. apples; bananas 【2011?湖北荆州】85. —What do you like?? —I run every morning, and often play tennis at weekends.? A. sports B. music C. art D. subjects? 【2011 ?湖南衡阳 湖南衡阳】86.—Jack, will your family move to Shanghai? 湖南衡阳

—Yes. That’s a very big B. decision A. decide

my parents made. C. education

【2011·湖北襄阳】87. ---- I hear you are not allowed to eat in class.

----Right. It’s one of the A. plans B. orders

in our school. C. rules D. suggestions

【2011?湖南永州】88.There are many _______ at the foot of the hill. A. cow B. horse C. sheep 【2011 湖北十堰】89.In order to stay fit, people pay more attention to their ___________. A. diet B. experience C. thoughts D. awards 【2011?云南昆明】90. A group of young men hope that getting this kind of job will finally be the ticket to success. A. road B. gate C. street D. direction 【2011·四川凉山】91. Mom bought ____ oranges for me, but I’d like to drink some ________. A. many; oranges B. much; orange C. many; orange 【2011.广西北海】92. —What’s your favorite ________? —Summer. Because I can swim in rivers. A. season B. subject C. music D. sport 【2011?辽宁沈阳】93.I think that the best ___ to visit Hannan Island is in November because the weather is excellent then. A. place B. time C. way D. plan 广西百色】 【2011?广西百色】94.Many people have got the habit of buying flowers for their mothers on ___. 广西百色 A. Mothers’ Day B. the Mothers’ s Day C. the Mother’s Day D. Mother’s Day 【2011?山东东营】95.—Did you visit Taipei International Flora Expo( 台北花博会)? —Yes. It is the world of flowers. You can see many kinds of flowers in different______— red, pink, purple, yellow, black... A. sizes B. names C. shapes D. colors 【2011?浙江金华】96.— Would you like some________ ?
— Oh, yes, just a little. A. milk B. apple C. pears D. oranges

【2011?浙江嘉兴】97— Would you please pass me something to drink? — What about some ______? A. beef B. fish C. juice D. bread 【2011?湖南长沙】98.Look! There are some________ on the floor. A. child B. water C. boxes D. girl

【2011?江苏徐州】99. Which picture shows that the man is walking past the police station?




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