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高中英语改错练习题含答案 1 A shopkeeper once found that a bag money had been stolen from his shop. He went to the judge(法官) and tell him about his loss(损失) . The judge ordered all people of the shop to come before him. He took a number of the sticks of equal length(长度) or gave one stick to each person. Then he said, “Come after me again tomorrow. I’ll then know which of you are the thief because the stick given to a thief will be one inch longer than the other.”

56._______ 57._______ 58._______ 59._______ 60._______ 61._______ 62._______ 63._______ 64._______ 65._______

2 Miss Evans taught physics in school in London.Last month she was explaining to one of her class about sound ,and she decide to test them to see how successful she had been in her work. She said to them, “Now I has a sister in Washington. If I was calling her by the phone, and you were on the other side of the street. Who would hear me first, my sister and you? And why?” A clever boy at once answered, “You sister, Miss Evans, because the electricity travels much faster than sound waves.” “Very well,” Miss Evans praised.

56._____ 57._____ 58._____ 59._____ 60._____ 61._____ 62._____ 63._____ 64._____ 65._____

3 It is interested to visit another country, but sometimes 56. ___ there are some questions when we don’t know the language very 57. ___ well. It may be difficult to talk about the people there.We may 58. ___ not know how to use the telephone in the country which are 59. ___ visiting. We may not know what to buy the things we need. 60. ___ In a strange country we may not know where to eat and what 61. ___ to order in a restaurant. It is not easy to decide how many 62. ___ money to tip(付小费) waiters or taxi drivers. When we are 63. ___ helpless, we may not know how to ask help. 64. ___ After a short time later, however, we learn what to do 65. ___ and what to say. We learn to enjoy life in another country, and then we may be sorry to leave both the place and the people. 4 Long long ago, people had gather leaves and fruit of plants to eat with. They didn’t know how to plant crops or how to keep animals for their

56._____ 57. _____ 58. _____

food. We call them Stone Age people. Thing for them were terrible and hard. Now there have still some people living liked those Stone Age people. They live in places that are hard reach. They do not know of our invention, for they keep themselves away our civilized world. For many years a group of people call Aruntas have lived alone in the center of Australia.

59. _____ 60. _____ 61. _____ 62. _____ 63. _____ 64. _____ 65. _____

5 The Internet is playing a important part in 56. _____ our daily life. On the net,we can learn about 57. _____ news both home and abroad and some other 58. _____ informations as well. We can also make phone calls, 59. _____ send messages by e-mails,go to net schools,and 60. _____ learn foreign languages by ourselves. Beside,we 61. _____ can enjoy music,watch sports matches,and play the 62. _____ chess or cards. The net even help us do shopping, 63. _____ make a chat with others and make friends with them. 64. _____ In a word,the Internet has made our life more easier. 65. _____ 6 People have different tastes in food. Some feel they haven't a meal unless they have had 56. ______ pork or other meat;some prefer chickens 57. ______ or fish,and eats one or the other at every meal. 58. ______ Others prefer vegetables and fruits or grains but would enjoy a meal of potatoes, 59. ______ noodles and carrots and some another fruits. 60. ______ Others could live on the foods are called 61. ______ fast foods,for example,a hamburger or 62. ______ hot dog,French fries and a soft drinks. 63. ______ Food can be prepared by so many ways. 64. ______ Every is satisfactory to different person. 65. ______ 7 In the morning of November 18th,1755,an earthquake 56.____ shook Boston.John,a professor at Harvard College felt a quake 57. ____ and woke up.“I rose and found to be fifteen minutes past 58. ____ four.” He hurried to downstairs to the clock. It had stopped 59. ____ three minutes ago. Except for stopping the clock,the quake 60.____ had only thrown a key from the mantel(壁炉架) to the floor. 61. ____ The clock had stopped because John put some long 62. ____ glass tube he was using for an experiment into the case 63. ____ for safekeeping.The quake had been knocked the tubes over and 64. ____

blocked the pendulum(钟摆) . So John had the exactly time of the earthquake. 8 Life in the twenty-one century will be very different with life today. There will be many changes.What can the changes be? The population is growing fast. That will be many more people in the world and most of them will live in longer than people live now. Computers will be much more smaller and more useful, and there will be one in every home. People will work few hours than they now and they will have more free time for reading books, watch TV and traveling.

65. ____

56.___ 57. ___ 58. ___ 59. ___ 60. ___ 61. ___ 62. ___ 63. ___ 64.___ 65.___

9 Once one year a race is held. A lot 56._____ of cars took part this race last year and there 57. _____ had a lot of experiments just before it began. One 58. _____ of the most beautiful car was a Rolls-Royce 59. _____ Silver Ghost. The most usual car was a Benz 60. _____ which had only three wheels. Built in 1885,it is the 61. _____ oldest car taking part. After a great many loud 62. _____ noises,the race began. Many of cars broke down on 63. _____ the way and some drivers spent much time under 64. _____ their cars than in them. The win car reached at 65. _____ a speed of forty miles an hour. 10 In recently years,dust storms take place more 76. _____ and more often in the north of Chinese. They have 77. _____ brought a great deal of trouble to people’s lives. 78. _____ The strong wind blows up the dust,made the air 79. _____ very dirty. It also stops many of people from going 80. _____ out. In past,people raised a large number of sheep. 81. _____ The sheep eat up a great deal of grass and the land 82. _____ became sandy. Now the government have begun to 83. _____ pay attention to the problem. Each year,a lot of 84. _____ money spent on the improvement of the environment. 85. _____ 11 Sleep,as we know, is important to us. And how many sleep do we actually need?For most of us, eight hours seem to be about the right

56. ____ 57. ____ 58. ____

amount. Yet we know that there are a great many people who get along well less sleep ,and some whom may even need more. A great deal depends by the way we live. But a good common rule to follow to is to sleep long as we have to. So we’ll feel happy and be able to work with our best when we wake.

59. ____ 60. ____ 61. ____ 62. ____ 63. ____ 64. ____ 65. ____

12 .My friend Henry has a most unusually hobby (爱好) . He likes plant flowers in strange places. When the spring comes round, you can always tell Henry had been busy working because the dirty sides of canals(沟渠) and railway banks suddenly became filled of flowers. In his spare time, with pockets full of seeds, Henry goes round by his bike. He has a long pipe with him blow seeds into places that is hard to reach. When his flowers fade(凋谢) , he goes round again to collect its seeds. In this way he always has a big supply.

56. _____ 57. _____ 58. _____ 59. _____ 60. _____ 61. _____ 62. _____ 63. _____ 64. _____ 65. _____

参考答案: 一 56.bag 后加 of 57.√? 60.去掉 the 61.or→and 64.a→the 65.other→others

58.tell→told 59.all 后加 the 62.after→before 63.are→is


二 56.第一个 in 后加 a 57.class→classes 58.decide→decided 59.has→have 60.by→on 61.? √ 62.and→or 63.You→Your 64.去掉 the 65.well→good 三 56. 58. 61. 64.

interested→interesting 57. questions→problems about→with/to 59. which 后加 we 60. what→how and→or 62. many→much 63.√ ? ask 后加 for 65. 去掉 later

四 56. had→had to 57.去掉 with 58.√ 59. Thing→Things 60. have→are 61. liked→like 62. reach→to reach 63. invention→inventions 64. away 后加 from 65. call→called 56.How 后加 do 57.soon→long 58.longest→longer 59.√ 60.a→the 61.few 前加 a 62.field→fields 63.Late→Later 64.so→as 65.去掉 to 五 56.a→an 57.√ 58.home 前加 at 59.informations→information 60.e-mails→e-mail 61.Beside→Besides 62.去掉 the 63.help→helps 64.第一个 make→have 65.more→much 六 56.haven’t 后加 had 57.chickens→chicken 58.eats→eat 59.but→and 60.another→other 61.foods 后加 that 或去掉 are

62.√? 七

63.去掉 a



56.In→On 59.去掉第一个 to 63.tube→tubes

57.第二个 a→the 60.ago→before 64.去掉 been

58.found 后加 it 61.√ ?62.put 前加 had 65.exactly→exact

八 56.twenty-one→twenty-first 57.with→from 59.That→There 60.去掉 in 61.√?

58.can→will 62.去掉第一个 more

63.few→fewer 九
56.one→every 60.usual→unusual

64.now 前加 do


57.part 后加 in 61.is→was

58.had→were 59.car→cars 62.√? 63.cars 前加 the

64.much→more 或 much 后加 more


76.recently→recent 79.made→making 77.Chinese→China 78.lives→life 80.去掉 of 81.past 前加 the 82.eat→ate

83.have→has 十一
56.And→But 60.well 后加 with


85.spent 前加 is

57.many→much 61.whom→who

58.seem→seems 62.by→on

59.√? 63.去掉第二个 to

64.long 前加 as 十二


56. unusually→unusual 57. plant→planting 或 to plant 58.去掉 the 59. had→has 60.√ ? 61. filled→full 或 of→with 62. by→on 或去掉 his 63. 在 him




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