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高考英语专项训练-介词 专题四 介词 1. 【C】(00 全国 18) _____ production up by 60%, the company has had another excellent year. A. AS B. For C. With D. Through 2. 【A】(02 上海) Luckily, the bullet narrowly missed the captain _____ an inch. A. by B. at C. to D. from 3. 【A】 (02 上海春招) Marie Curie took little notice _____ the honours that were given to her in her later years. A. of B. on C. about D. from 4. 【D】(02 北京) —What do you want ______ those old boxes? —To put things in when I move to the new flat. A. by B. for C. of D. with 5. 【D】(02 北京春) —You are so lucky. —What do you mean ____ that? A. for B. in C. of D. by 6. 【D】(03 北京) They had a pleasant chat _______ a cup of coffee. A. for B. with C. during D. over

7. 【C】(04 全国 IV) There are altogether eleven books on the shelf, ____ five are mine. A. on which B. in which C. of which D. from which 8. 【C】(04 北京春招) In order to change attitudes ______ employing women, the government is brining in new laws. A. about B. of C. towards D. on 9. 【C】(04 全国 23) The English play _____ my students acted at the New Year’s party was a great success.

A. for which B. at which C. in which D. on which 10. 【D】 (04 湖南 32) You can’t wear a blue jacket ______ that shirt. It’ll look terrible. A. on B. above C. up D. over 11. 【A】(05 湖北 24) To understand the grammar of the sentence, you must break it ____ into parts. A. down B. up C. off D. out 12. 【D】 (05 湖南 25) He suddenly saw Sue ____ the room. He pushed his way ____ the crowd of people to get to her. A. across; across B. over; through C. over; into D. across; through 13. 【D】(05 上海 25) John became a football coach in Sealion Middle School ____ the beginning of March. A. on B. for C. with D. at 14. 【B】(05 江西 29) ____ and no way to reduce her pain and suffering from the terrible disease, the patient sought her doctor’s help to end her life. A. Having given up hope of cure B. With no hope for cure C. There being hope for cure D. In the hope of cure 15. 【A】 (05 北京春) The Internet has brought ____ big changes in the way we work. A. about B. out C. back D. up 16. 【A】(05 重庆 30) —You know, Bob is a little slow ____ understanding, so… —So I have to be patient ____ him. A. in; with B. on; with C. in; to D. at; for 17. 【B】(名校联考二) This crop does not do well in soils _____ the one for which it has been specially developed. A. outside B. other than C. beyond D. rather than 18. 【C】(名校联考八) I went to bed very late that night, ______, early the next morning.

A. at least B. in a word C. or rather D. at most 19. 【C】We drove ____ the direction of Hangzhou ____ a high speed. A. to; at B. in; by C. in; at D. to; with 20. 【B】The train was ten minutes ____ time. They were surely to catch it. A. after B. behind C. ahead of D. in 21. 【B】Books are the most important records we keep ____ man’s thoughts, ideas and feelings. A. up B. of C. for D. on 22. 【D】(重庆诊断) People try to avoid public transportation delays by using their own cars, and this _____ creates more problem. A. after all B. once again C. in case D. in turn 23. 【C】(四校联考) Don’t all stand up at one time! ____, please. A. Each at one time B. One by one time C. One at a time D. One for each time 24. 【C】(江苏调研) The idea of fighting a noise _____ making more noises sounds strange, but that’s _____ what we are doing now. A. with; just B. through; very C. by; exactly D. for; indeed 25. 【A】I’ve given you my advice, whether or not you act on it is ____ to you. A. up B. from C. on D. for 26. 【B】We took it ____ granted that he would join us. A. as B. for C. in D. to 27. 【C】 (朝阳综合一) It isn’t so much whether he works hard; the question is whether he works _____. A. above all B. in all C. at all D. after all 28. 【B】(西城 5 月) The trees in that thick forest are so close together that there is hardly any room to move _____ them.

A. between B. in C. among D. across 29. 【A】—When did it begin to snow? —It started ____ the night. A. during B. by C. from D. at 30. 【B】It will cost a lot of time, ____, I think we shall need it and it will certainly be useful to us ____. A. As a result; now and then B. At the same time; more or less C. After all; her and there D. What’s more; sooner or later 31. 【A】(朝阳 4 月) They were hunting for a person ______ him ______ a stepping stone. A. like; as B. like; like C. as; like D. as; as 32. 【C】宣武 4 月 He will pass two milestones _____, that is, he will receive his master’s degree and find a challenging job. A. long ago B. for long C. before long D. long before 33. 【D】—You should have prepared your speech for the meeting, Mr. Smith. —Yes, I know. But how could I ____ the meeting date fixed so soon. A. while B. as C. after D. with 34. 【D】He ____ a sum of money every week for his old age. A. sets up B. sets in C. sets along D. sets aside 35. 【D】It was just the set of combs that Della had longed ____. A. to B. on C. after D. for 36. 【A】The meeting lasted till late ____. A. into night B. at night C. into the night D. at the night 37. 【C】She expressed her satisfaction _____ his answer. A. at B. to C. with D. from 38. 【C】____ reaching the village, we were warmly welcomed by the villagers.

A. At B. In C. On D. Of 39. 【D】Anyone with eyes ____ head can see that he is more like his father than his mother. A. on B. in C. on the D. in his 40. 【A】(海淀 33) ____ every mistake you make, you’ll lose half a mark. A. For B. At C. To D. By 41. 【C】(启东二试) 32 —You don’t seem to be quite yourself today, Jim? —I’m suffering from a cold. Nothing serious, _____ A. yet B. indeed C. though D. anyway 42. 【D】What can this piece of wood he made ____? A. of B. from C. out of it D. into 43. 【B】She’s such a quarrelsome woman. I don’t know how you can _____ her. A. put up B. put up with C. stand up with D. stand with 44. 【A】(济宁模拟) Astronomers and scientists think that a black hole is a region of space ______ which matter has fallen and ______ which nothing can escape. A. into; from B. towards; towards C. out of; from D. through; through 45. 【C】After the Civil War, slavery was done away ____. A. at B. in C. with D. for 46. 【C】All at once the lady ran out ____ tears. No one knew why. A. with B. to C. in D. into 47. 【D】(天津联考 24) His car broke _____ on the way, so he had to repair it. A. into B. out C. up D. down 48. 【A】(孝感 22) American is _____ communication _______Korea _____ the nuclear problem. A. in; with; on B. in; with; for C. on; with; on D. on; with; for 49. 【B】Besides being able to work for three days without drinking, camels can also

live for a long time ____ small quantities of food. A. which B. on C. by D. to 50. 【A】Doctor Bethune showed great concern ____ the wounded soldiers. A. for B. at C. in D. to 51. 【C】____ one time, Manchester was the home of the most productive cotton mills in the world. A. On B. By C. At D. Of 52. 【C】The little that I have seen ____ his work is satisfactory. A. to B. in C. of D. from 53. 【C】(太原测评 27) —What do you think of what he did in class? —What he did was _____ my imagination. A. through B. above C. beyond D. over 54. 【A】(全国领航 34) Who is it up _____ decide whether to go or not ? A. to do B. to C. for to D. to for 55. 【C】(黄石一测 24) —Is she older than you? —Yes, she is older than ______ two years. A. me for B. me of C. I by D. I for 56. 【D】(黄石一测 26) Don’t do that _____ lie down. A. but to B. except to C. besides D. but 57. 【B】We offered him our congratulations ____ his passing the college entrance exams. A. at B. on C. for D. of 58. 【A】 There is no greater love than ____ who devotes his whole life ____ mankind. A. that of a man; to benefiting B. a man; to benefiting C. that of a man’s; benefits D. a man’s love; in benefiting 59. 【C】He got to the station early, ____ missing his train.

A. in case of B. instead of C. for fear of D. in search of 60. 【C】It’s really hot ____ January in Harbin now. Better take off your coat. A. in B. during C. for D. to 61. 【C】—They all agree ____ George. Has the project been passed? —Who ____ George can make the final decision? A. except; except B. except; besides C. but; but D. besides; but 62. 【C】 Britain has recently had a high level of unemployment—but the same is true ____ many other countries. A. at B. from C. of D. to 63. 【A】 Mr. Black was driving fast to take his wife to a nearby hospital because their baby was ____. A. on its way B. in the way C. by the way D. out of the way 64. 【C】The study you have been making ____ the ancient Chinese characters is an instructive job. A. to B. for C. of D. from 65. 【B】The pretty girl is known ____ the public ____ a little film star ____ her excellent performance in a film. A. in; as; with B. to; as; for C. among; with; in D. by; for; because of


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