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考博英语词汇复习之基础部分( 考博英语词汇复习之基础部分(一)

A a/an ability able about above absent accept accident ache achieve across act action active activity actor actress actual add address admire admit adverb advice advise aeroplane airplane affair afraid Africa African after afternoon afterwards again against age ago agree agreeable agreement agricultural ahead* aid aim air aircraft airport alike alive all allow almost alone* along aloud already also although altogether always amend America American among(st) amuse amusement anc ient and anger angry animal announce another* answer ant anxious any anybody anyhow anyone anybody anything anyway anywhere apartment apologize appear appearance apple a ppoint appointment approve April Arabian area argue argument army around arrange arriva l arrive art artist as* ashamed Asia Asian ask* asleep assist at atom August aunt Australi a Australian author autumn avoid away awfully B baby back* backward bad badly bag ba ll* banana banner barely basic basketball bathroom battle be beard beautiful beauty becaus e become bedroom bee beef beer before beg begin beginner beginning behind believe bell below beneath beside besides best* better between beyond bicycle big bike bird birth bit black blackboard blind* blood blue boat body bomb bone book boot born borrow bottle box boy brain brave bread break* breakfast breathe bridge bright bring Britain British bro ken brother brown build building burn* bury bus busy but* buy by C cake calm camel c amera camp can* Canada Canadian cancer cap car careful carry* cat celebrate center centr al century certain certainly chair chairman change cheap chemical chemist chemistry chick en chiefly child chimney China Chinese choice choose Christmas cinema city classmate cl assroom clean clear* clever climate climb clock* cloth clothe clothes clothing cloud cloud y club coal coast coat cock coffee cold collect college color bomb come* comfort comfor table command communism compete complete computer comrade concert conclude congrat ulation connect consider continue control* conversation cool copper corn corner correct cos t* cotton cough could country countryside courage court cover* cow crazy create crime cr iminal crisis crop crowd cruel cry cucumber culture cup cure customer cut* D dad daily damage dance danger* dangerous dark darling daughter dawn day daylight daytime dead d eaf dear death debate December decent decide decision declare deep deepen deeply deer d efeat defend defense degree demand department depend dependence dependent depth desire desk despair destroy dialog diamond diary dictionary diet differ difference different diffic ult difficulty dig diligent dinner direction directly director dirty disagree disappear disappoi nt disaster discover discovery discuss disease dish dislike dismiss distance distant* district

disturb dive divide do* doctor dog* dollar donkey door* double* doubtful down downstair s downtown downward dozen drag dragon drama dream dress* drink drive driver drop* dr um drunk dry duck dull during dusk dust dying E each* eager eagle ear early earn earth earthquake easily east eastern eastward easy eat editor(编辑) educate education egg eight e ighteen eighth eighty either elder eldest elect elephant eleven eleventh else* elsewhere em peror empire empty enable encourage end* endanger ending enemy energy England Englis h enjoy enough enter entire envelope equal error especially essay Europe European evenin g ever every everybody everyday everyone everything everywhere exact exactly exam*exa mination examine example excellent excite excitement exciting excuse exercise exhibit exhi bition exist expect expensive experience experiment expert explain export expression extra extreme eye eyesight F face* factory fail failure fair fairly fall* false* familiar family fam ous far* farewell(再见) fax fear fearful February feed* feel* feeling fellow fellowship fem ale festival fever few fifteen fifth fifty fight finally find* fine* finger finish fire* first fish fist fit five fix fixed flag flame flavor flood floor flow flower fluent fly fog fold follow * following fond food fool foolish foot football for forbid force* foreigner forest forever f orget forgive form forth forty forward* four fourteen fox France free* freedom French fre sh Friday friend friendly friendship frog from front frozen fruit full fun fund funny furnitu re further future G gain game garage garden gas gate gather general gentle gentleman gen tly German Germany get* giant girl glad glass global glory glow go* goat god gold gold en golf good* goodbye goodnight goods gradual graduate grain grammar grammatical gran d grandmother grasp grass gray great Greek green greet greeting ground group grow grow n-up growth guard guess guest guide guilt guilty gun H habit hair haircut half hall hamm er(锤子) hand* handle handsome handwriting happen happiness happy hard harden hardly* hardship harm harmful hat hate have* he head* headache health healthy hear hearing hea rt* heat heaven heavily heavy hello help* helpful hen her here* hero hers herself hesitate hi/hey hide* high highly hill him himself hire his history hit* hold* hole holiday home* homework honest honesty honey honor hope hopeful horse hospital host hot hotel hour h ouse housewife how however huge human humorous hundred hunger* hungry hunt hurry* hurt husband I I ice ice-cream idea ideal idiom idle if ill illness imagination imaginative imagine importance important impossible impression improper improve improvement in in ch include income increase increasingly indeed independent India Indian indoor indoors ind ustrial industry influence information injure injury ink inland inner inside insist inspect inst ance instant instead interest interesting international interpreter into introduce introduction i nvention invite inward island it Italian J jacket jail January Japan Japanese jaw jazz jewel job jog join joke journey joy judge judgment July jump June K kick kid kill kind kindn ess king kingdom kiss kitchen knee kneel knife know knowledge L lady lake lamp land l anguage large largely late later Latin laugh laughter law lawyer lazy lead* leadership leadi

ng leaf learn learning least leather lecture left leg less* lesson letter liberate liberty library life lifetime* lightly like likely likeness limit limited line* lion lip liquid list listen live* living living-room loan locate lock lonely long* look* loose loosely lose lot love lovely lover low luck lucky luggage lunch lung M machine madam main mainland mainly make* man management manager mankind manner many* map market marriage married marry master match mathematical mathematics may maybe me meal meantime meanwhile measur able measure meat medical meet meeting member membership memory mend message met al method middle might mile milk milky million mine ministry minute* miss missing mist mistake mister misunderstand model modern modernization modest modesty Monday mon key month monthly mood moon moral morning most* mostly mother mountain mouth mo vement movie MR Mrs. Ms. much muscle museum music musician must ]my N name nar row nation naught near nearby nearly necessary neck need needle Negro neighbor neighbo rhood neither* never new news newspaper next nice night nine ninety ninth no nobody no ise noisy none nonetheless nonsense noon nor north northeast northern northward northwes t nose not notebook nothing noun novel November now* nowadays nowhere numb numbe r nurse O obey ocean o'clock October of off* offer office officer official often oh oil oka y old on one* oneself* only onto onward open opening opinion or orange order* ordinary origin(起源,由来;出身,来历) original other* otherwise ought ounce our ours ourselves out* outdoor outdoors outer outermost outside outstanding outward over overcoat overhea d overseas own* owner P page painful paint painter painting pair palace panda paper pard on parent park part* partly party pass* passenger past payment peace peaceful peanut peas ant pen pencil penny people per percent perhaps period permit personal petrol phone phot o/photograph phrase physical physically physicist physics piano picture piece pig pilot pion eer pity place* plain plan plane* play* player playground pleasant please pleasure plus P M/P.M./p.m. pocket poem poet poetry point* poison poisonous police policeman policy pol ite political politician politics pollute pollution poor population port possible possibly post postcard postman potato pound pour poverty powerful prefer prepare president pretend pret ty prevent price priceless pride prince princess print prison prisoner privacy private prize p robability probable problem produce product production professor profit progress promise p ronoun pronunciation protect protest proud prove public publish pull* punish punishment p ure purpose* purse pursue push put* Q quality quarrel quarterly(每季的;每季一次;季刊) queen question quick quiet quite quiz R race radio railroad/railway rain rapid rare rat rea d reader reading ready real reality realize really receive recent recite recognition recognize recorder recover red reduce reform region regret regular relationship relative relativity rela x religion religious rely remain remember repair repeat reply report reporter republic repub lican research respect* respond response responsible rest restaurant result* return review re volution* revolutionary rice rich ride right risk river road* rob robber rocket role room ro

pe rose rough round* rubber rubbish rude rule ruler run* Russian S sad safe* safety sail sailor salad salary sale salesman same sand satellite satisfaction satisfactory satisfy Saturda y save scarcely scare science scientific scientist scold scream sea seaman seaport search se aside season seat second secondary second-hand secondly secret security see* seem seldom self selfish sell send* separate September serious servant seven several sew sex shake sh all shame shameful share she sheep sheet shelf shine ship shipwreck(船舶失事,海难) shirt shock shoe shoot shop shopkeeper shopping shore short* shortage shortcoming shortly sho uld shoulder shout shut shy signal significance significant silence silent silk similar simple simply since sing single sink* sister sitting-room situation six size skate ski skill skilled skillful skin skirt sky slave slavery sleep slow small smell smile smoke smooth shake sno w so* soap sob social socialism society sock soft soldier solid solve some somebody som ehow someone something sometime sometimes somewhat somewhere son song soon* sorro w sorrowful sorry sort soul soup south southeast southern southward southwest Soviet spe ak speaker special speech speed spell spelling spend spirit spiritual splendid sport sportsma n spread spy standard star stare start state statement stay steady steal steam steamer (汽船, 轮船) steel step stocking(长统袜) stomach stone stool stop store storm story straight strang e stranger street strength strengthen strict strong struggle student study stupid style suburb subway success successful sugar suggest suggestion summer sun Sunday sunrise sunset sun shine supermarket supper support suppose sure surface surprise surprising surround swear s weet swim sword symbol system T tail tailor take* tale(故事,传说) talk* tall target tas k taste tax taxi tea teach teacher teaching team teenager telegram telegraph telephone telev ision ten tennis tent terrible test text textbook than that* the theater their theirs them them selves then theory there therefore these they thick thief thin thing third thirdly thirsty thirt een thirty this those thousand three through Thursday thus tiger till time* timetable tiny ti red to tobacco today toe together tomato tomb tomorrow ton tonight too tool topic total t ouch* tough tour tourism tourist towards town toy train training traitor translate translation travel treat tree tremble trolley/trolly([英]无轨电车,[美]有轨电车) trouble trousers truck t rue Tuesday tunnel twelfth twelve twentieth twice two type typewriter typist(打字员) U ug ly umbrella unable uncertain uncertainty uncle uncover under undergraduate understand und erstanding unhappy unite university unjust unkind unknown unless unlike unlikely unlimite d unlock unsatisfactory until unusual unwilling upon upstairs upward us usage use* used u seful usual usually V vacation valley valuable various vegetable verb very victory viewpoi nt village violin visible visit visitor vocabulary volleyball voyage(航海, 航程) W waist wai t waiter waitress wake waken walk wall wallet want war warm* warn warning wash wast e wasteful watch watchful water wax we weak wealth wealthy weapon wear* weather we dding Wednesday weed week weekday weekend weekly weep weigh weight welcome well * well-known west western westward set what whatever wheat wheel when whenever whe

re wherever which whichever whisky(威士忌酒) whisper whistle white who whoever whole whom whose why wide widow(寡妇) wife wild will willing win wind window wine wint er wireless wisdom wise wish with within without wolf woman wonderful wood wool wo olen word worker world worry worse worst would wound wrap wrist write writer writing wrong Y year yellow yes yesterday yet* young your yours yourself youth youthful Z zero zoo 二.核心词汇 1800 在剩余的 3500 个词汇中,并非每一个都是同等重要的,其中有一 半(约 1800 个)词汇在考研 21 年真题中重复出现,这 1800 个单词就是考研的核心高频难 词,是考研的重点、考点和难点。而其余的另一半(约 1700 个),在考研历年真题中还没 有出现过,重要性次之。 复习建议:1800 每天 100 个(把不认识的单词找出来重点记忆和 复习),18 天过一轮,36 天就过了两轮,你就可以记住其中的绝大部分词汇了。掌握了这 1800 个核心词汇(还包含高中 2000 个基础词汇),就可以开始大范围做考研真题,你会发 现在真题中,97%左右的词汇你都认识了。 A-C A abide 遵循(…by);容忍 The one thing she cannot abide is lying. abnormal 反常的 abnormal behavior abolish 彻底废除(法律、制度、习俗等)abolish old custom abrupt 突然的,意外的 an abrupt departure absolute 纯粹的,完全的 have absolute trust in sb. absorb 吸收,吸进 A sponge absorbs water. abstract 抽象的 A flower is beautiful, but b eauty itself is abstract. absurd 荒谬的,荒唐的 The idea that number 13 brings bad luck i s absurd. abuse 滥用 abuse one's authority(office) aaccelerate 加速,增速 accelerate one’s steps access 接近(或进入)的机会 have regular and immediate access to the President ac commodate 使适应,使符合一致 accommodate oneself to changed circumstances accompan y 陪伴,伴随 She was accompanied to a dinner by her friend. accomplish 达到(目的), 完成(任务),实现(计划,诺言等) accomplish one's purpose accord 使符合,相一致(w ith) His violent action doesn't accord with his peaceful words. account 记述, 叙述 give a brief account of what has happened accumulate 积累,积攒,积聚 accumulate wisdom acc urate 准确的,精确的 an accurate estimate accuse 指控,指责 They accused her publicly of stealing their books. accustom 使习惯于 accustom oneself to rising (to rise) early acqu aint 使认识,使了解 activate 使活动起来,使开始起作用,启动 They have planted secret agents in many countries who could be activated whenever needed. acute 尖锐的, 敏锐的 an acute thinker adapt (使)适应 adapt oneself to new conditions address 演说 a televisi on address adhere 黏附,附着 Paste is used to make one surface adhere to another. adjac ent 临近的,毗邻的(to) a city and its adjacent suburbs adjoin 贴近,与...毗邻 His house adjoins the lake. administrate 掌管, 料理...的事务 In many Japanese homes, the funds are administrated by the wife. adolescent (尤指 16 岁以下的)青少年 a film aimed at adolesc

ents advance 使向前移动 advance a chessman advantage 有利条件,优点 Sitting President s hold built-in advantages when seeking another term. adverse 不友好的, 敌对的 She felt adverse to her husband's friends. advocate 拥护,提倡,主张 advocate self-defence aestheti c 美学的,艺术的,审美 an aesthetic theory affliliate 使隶属(或附属)于,使成为会员 a government affiliated company affirm 断言,申明 affirm the truth of a statement aggravat e 加重,加剧,恶化 aggravate the declining economy aggressive 侵犯的,侵略的 an aggr essive weapon agitate 搅动(液体等) The machine agitated the mixture. alarm 惊恐,忧 虑 The bandits scattered in alarm. alert 警惕的, 留神的 In our reading we should always be alert for new usages. alien 外国的 adjust to an alien culture allege 断言,宣称 The ne wspaper alleges the mayor's guilt. allocate 分配,分派,把...拨给 allocate funds for new p rojects allied 结盟的,有关联的 allied nations allow 允给,准许,允许 He missed her mo re than he would allow himself to admit. allowance 津贴,补贴,零用钱 a housing allowa nce alter 改变,更改 alter an attitude alternate 交替,轮流 Night and day alternate. amate ur (艺术,科学等的)业余爱好者 an amateur golfer amaze 使惊愕,使惊异 I am amaze d that he should get the post. ambiguous 含糊不清的,模棱两可的 an ambiguous answer ambition (对名利等的)强烈欲望,野心 His political ambitions still burn. amend 修改, 修订 amend the spelling in sb.'s paper amuse 逗乐,逗笑,给...提供娱乐(或消遣) The clown at the circus amused the children. anchor 锚 The anchor catches (drags). announce 宣布,声称 It is officially announced that he will not run for reelection. annoy 使恼怒, 使生气 She was annoyed at (with) his lightheard attitude. annual 每年的,年度的 the ann ual output of steel anonymous 匿名的,无名的 an anonymous letter (phone call) answer 回答,响应 Henry took ages to answer the door. anticipate 预期,预料 The directors anti cipated a fall in demand (that demand would fall). anxious 焦虑的,发愁的(about, at) The y become anxious at her delay. apart 成零碎 Such cheap clothes come apart after a few washings. apparent 显然的,明明白白的 It was apparent that they all understood. appeal 呼吁,恳求 I appealed to the children to make less noise. applaud 鼓掌,喝彩,叫好 The audience applauds the performers for three minutes. apply 涂,敷 He applied two coats o f paint to the table. appoint 任命,委派 They appointed his father (to be 或 as) postmaste r. appraise 估量,估计 appraise the infant's weight appreciate 感激 I appreciated your hel p much. apprehend 对...担心 Do you apprehend that there will be any difficulty? approach 靠近,接近 John is approaching manhood. appropriate 恰当的,相称的 Plain, simple clot hes are appropriate for school wear. approve 赞成,同意 I couldn't approve his conduct. a pproximate 大概的,大约的,近似的 The approximate time is 10 o'clock. apt (习性)易 于......的,有......倾向的 A careless person is apt to make mistakes. arbitrary 随心所欲的, 个人武断的,任意的 an arbitrary choice arise 起立,起身 arise from one's seat arouse 使......奋发 A man like Tom will be aroused. Don’t worry. array 排列,队形 The troops were formed in battle array. articulate 发音清晰的,善于表达的 He is articulate about eve

rything in the field of economics. artificial 人工的,人造的,人为的 artificial price control s ascend 登高,(渐渐)上升,升高 The airplane ascended into the cloud. ascertain 查明, 弄清,确定 I ascertained that he was dead. ashamed 惭愧的,羞耻的 I am ashamed for b eing so stupid. ashore 向岸,向陆地 He swam ashore. aside 在旁边 We stood aside to let her pass. assault 攻击,袭击 We made an assault on the enemy fort. assemble 集合,召 集 assemble the members of Parliament for a special meeting. assert 肯定地说(出),坚 定地断言 He asserted his innocence. assess 估价,评价,评论 assess the present state of t he economy assign 分配,布置(作业) The teacher assigned (us) a new lesson. assimilat e 吸收,消化 He is quick to assimilate new ideas. associate (使)联系,(使)结合 We naturally associated the name of Darwin with the doctrine of evolution. assume 假定,假 设 Farmers will have a bumper harvest, assuming (that) the weather si favarable. assure 深信不疑地对......说,向......保证 assurance 保证,把握,信心 He gave me his assurance t hat he would help. astonish 使惊讶 I was astonished at his sudden appearance. attach 系, 贴,连接 attach a label to a suitcase attain 达到,获得 attain one’s goal attend 出席,参 加(会议等) attend a wedding attendance 出席,参加,出席人数,出席率 Our class has perfect attendance today. attentive 注意的,专心的 an attentive audience attribute 把归因 于,把......(过错的责任等)归于(to) He attributed his success to hard work. auxiliary 辅助 的 an auxiliary rocket avail 有利于,有助于 Will force alone avail us? average 平均数, 平均 The paper receives an average of nearly 100 articles a day. avert 挡开, 防止, 避免 Many traffic accidents can be averted by courtesy. awake 醒,觉醒 awake from sleep awa rd 授予(奖品等) The university awarded him an honorary degree. B ban (以官方明令) 禁止,取缔 He was banned from entering the city. bang (突发的) sudden loud bang ba r 条,块,杆,棒 a bar of gold bare 赤裸的,光秃的,空无内容的 walk in bare feet bef orehand 预先,事先 If you wanted soup for lunch you should have told me beforehand. b ehave 举止端正,听话 Do behave. bewilder 使迷惑,使糊涂 I’m bewildered as to which one to buy. bias 偏见,偏心 have a bias against sb.(或 sth.) blame 责备,责怪 Public o pinion blames Mrs Smith for leading the girl astray. blast 一阵(风),一股(气流) a b last of wind blaze 火焰 The fire sprang into a blaze. blunt 钝的 The sun was blazing do wn and the heat was oppressive. blush (因害羞、激动、窘困)脸红 blush with(或 for) jo y boast 自吹自擂,自夸的话 He is full of boasts. bolt 螺栓,(门,窗的)插销 a small bag of nuts and bolts boom 低沉有回响的声音 The great bell tolled with a deep boom. border 边界,边境,边沿 a district on the Kampuchean side of the border with Thailand bore 钻孔,挖(通道) bore through a wall bounce 弹起,反弹 The ball doesn’t bounce well. bound 跳跃,弹回 She bounded to her feet and waved her right hand triumphantly. boycott (联合起来)抑制,拒绝参加 boycott uncooperative manufactures brace 托架,支 架 He braced his muscles and lifted the weight. breed (使)繁殖 Rabbits breed families rapidly. bribe 贿赂 accept(或 take)a bribe from sb. brief 短暂的,简短的,简洁的 a brief

holiday brisk 轻快的,生气勃勃的 a brisk pace brittle 易碎的,一碰就破的 brittle glass b rush 刷子,毛刷 a laundry brush bump 碰,撞(against, into) The truck bumped against th e wall in the dark. burst 爆炸,爆裂 The boiler burst. C calculate 计算,推算 calculate t he distance between New York and Chicago call 喊,叫 Please call the names of all the people who are present. cancel 取消,废除,删去 cancel a trip capture 俘虏,捕获 captur e butterflies case 事例,事实,事情 This is a case of poor judgment. cast 投,扔,抛, 撒,掷 cast doubt(s) on the feasibility of a scheme casual 偶然的,无计划的,随便的,非 正式的 a casual meeting cease 停止, 终止, 结束 The music ceased suddenly. certify 证明, 证实 The accounts were certified (as) correct. challenge 向...挑战 Our school challenged t he local champion team to a football match. character (事物的)性质,特质 The furnitur e in Tom’s apartment was pretentious and without character. charge 要(价),收(费) The airlines charge half price for students. charm 魅力,魔力 This thriving resort town ha s retained its village charm. chase 追逐,追求 The police chased the escaping thief and c aught him at last. check 使突然停止,制止 check one’s steps cherish 珍爱,珍视 cherish one’s native land chew 嚼,咀嚼 He chewed a mouthful of meat. choke 窒息,噎住 be c hoked by smoke chorus 合唱队 chronic (疾病)慢性的,(人)久病的 chronic indigestio n clarity 澄清,阐明 clarify an issue cling 粘着 The frightened child clung to her mother. clumsy 笨拙的 a clumsy boy cluster (果实,花等的)串,束,簇; (人或物)的群,组 a cluster of tourists clutch 紧抓,紧握 clutch at an opportunity coherent 一致的,协调的 lac k coherent political goals coin 硬币,钱币,金属货币 a silver coin coincide 相符,相一致 100 Centigrade coincides with 212 Fahrenheit. collaborate (尤指在文艺、科学等方面)合 作,协作 He and I collaborated in writing plays. collapse 倒坍,崩溃,瓦解 The roof col lapsed under the weight of the snow. collide 碰撞,互撞 The car collided with the truck. come 来,来到 Will you come to the dance tonight? commemorate 纪念,庆祝 commemo rate a holiday commend 表扬,称赞 commend a soldier for bravery compact 紧密的,坚 实的 a compact piece of luggage compare 比较,对照(with, to) compare the body to a fi nely tuned machine compatible 能和睦相处的,合的来的 You should choose a roommate more compatible to your tastes. compile 汇编,编制 compile an anthology of poems comp ly 遵从,顺从,服从 comply with rules(safety regulations) compose 组成,构成 England, Scotland, and Wales compose the island of Great Britain. compress 压缩 He compresses a lifetime as a soldier into a few sentences comprise 包含,包括 The shipyard comprises t hree docks. compromise 妥协,折衷 compromise over the hard-fought next. compulsory 必 须做的,义务的 a compulsory subject conceal 隐藏,隐瞒,隐蔽 He concealed his disapp ointment from his friends. conceive 构想出, 设想 conceive an idea concentrate 集中, 专心 concentrate one’s attention condemn 谴责 We all condemn cruelty to children. condense (使)压缩,(使)凝结,使简洁 condense a speech to half confer 商谈,商议 confer wi th sb. Over (on, about, concerning) sth. confess 坦白,供认,承认,忏悔 confess one’s cr

ime confidence 信任 break sb.’s confidence confine 限制,使局限 They succeeded in conf ining the fire to a small area. confirm 证实,肯定 confirm a rumour conflict (尤指长期 的)战争,战斗 The conflict between Greece and Troy lasted ten years. conform 遵照,适 应 confirm to(或 with) the rules(the law) confront (使)面临,(使)遭遇 The war confr onted him with hardships. confuse 使混乱, 混淆 He confused the arrangements by arriving late. connect 连接,连接 The bridge connects the island with(或 to) the mainland. consci ous 意识到的,自觉地 They were conscious that he disapproved. consent 同意,赞同,准 许 The people will never consent to another war. conserve 保护,保藏,保存 conserve na tural resources consider 考虑, 细想 Consider carefully before doing anything. consist 组成, 构成(of) The house consists of six rooms. consolidate 巩固,加强 consolidate one’s positi on conspicuous 显眼的,明显的,引人瞩目的 He felt as conspicuous as if he had stood o n a stage. constant 经常的,不断的 a constant noise constitute 组成,构成 constitute a thr eat to sb. consult 请教,与......商量 consult a doctor about one’s illness consume 消费,花 费: consume much of one’s time in reading contact 接触,联系,交往: be in contact with sb contain 包括,容纳, a list containing twelve items contaminate 弄脏,污染,玷污,毒害: Fumes contaminate the air contempt 轻视,轻蔑:show a contempt for sb contest 竞赛,比赛,竞争:the contest between the two powers for the control of the region contract 合同,契约:enter into (make)a contact with contradict 反驳,同….相矛盾,同….相抵触:The facts contradict his theor y contrary 相反的,对抗的:take the contrary view contrast 对照,对比,(对比之下显出的)差异:t he contrast between the two forms of government contribute 捐(款等),捐献:He contributed 5dollars to the charity every payday contrive 设计,想出:contrive a new method controversy (尤之以文字形式进行的争论),辨证:a point of controversy convention(正式)会议,(定期)大会: draft a new constitution at a convention convert 转变,转化:convert coal to (into) pipeline g as convey 运送,输送,传送:a wire conveys an electric current convict(经审讯)证明…有罪,宣 判…有罪:He was convicted of smuggling coordinate 调节,协调:coordinate the functions of government agencies cordial 热情友好的,热诚的,真心的:a cordial hello(smile, invitation) cor respond 相符合相称(to,with):Fulfillment seldom corresponds to anticipation correspondent 通 信者,通讯员,记者:a good(bad)correspondent corresponding 符合的,一致的:corresponding fing erprints corrode(渐渐)损害,(一点一点地)损伤:Bribery corrodes the confidence that must exi st between buyer and seller corrupt 堕落的,腐败的,贪赃舞弊的:lead a corrupt life count 数, 计算: count the money course 课程,科目:an English course courtesy 谦恭有礼。 有礼的举止 (或)言辞:come in without courtesy credit 信任,可信性:I have full credit in your abi lity to do the job。 crucial 决定性的,关键性的:a crucial decision cue 提示,暗号,信 号:throw cues to sb cultivate 耕作,栽培,养殖:cultivate vegetables cure 治愈,医治:t his medicine cured him of his pains。 cut 切,割,剪,砍,削; The Mayor cut the ribbo n to open a trade exhibition. D dawn 黎明,拂晓 work from dawn to dark dazzle (强光 等)使目眩,耀眼:He was dazzled by his sudden success. deceive 欺骗,蒙蔽:deceive

oneself decent 体面的,像样的:She didn’t have a decent dress for the ball. decline 拒绝, 谢绝:We sent him an invitation but he declined. decompose 分解,腐烂,腐败:decomp ose a compound into its elements. dedicate 奉献,把。。。用在(to): The doctor dedicat ed himself to finding a cure. deduce 演绎,推论:From her conversation, I deduced that s he had a large family. define 解释,给。。。下定义: People define him as a genius. defo rm(使)变形:Heat deforms plastic. defy 公然违抗,反抗:He was going ahead defying all difficulties. degenerate 衰退,堕落,变坏(into): Her eyesight degenerated with the years. deliberate 慎重的,深思熟虑的:The government is taking deliberate action to lower pric es. delight 高兴,快乐:To the teacher’s great delight , all his students passed the examin ation. deliver 投递,传送,运输:deliver the mail demonstrate 论证,证明 :demonstrate a philosophical principle denote 表示,是。。。的标志,意思是:A frown often denotes d ispleasure. dense 稠密的,密集的:a dense forest deposit 存放: She deposited her bag in t he cloakroom. depress 使沮丧,使消沉:That movie depressed me. deprive 剥夺,使丧失: deprive sb. of his property derive 取得,得到:He derived his enthusiasm for literature fr om his father. descend 下来,下降:Darkness descended too soon. deserve 应得,值得:T he question deserves consideration. designate 指明,表明:designate boundaries desolate 荒 芜的,不毛的:desolate land despise 蔑视,鄙视:He despises flattery. detach 拆卸:They detached their trailer and set up camp. detain 留住,担搁:be detained by business. detec t (当场)发现(某人在干坏事):detect a student cheating deteriorate (使)恶化,(使)变坏, (使)退化: Relations between the two countries began to deteriorate. deviate 背离,偏离:d eviate from the rule devote 将...献给(to):Mary devoted her life to caring for the sick. d iagnose 诊断,判断:The doctor diagnosed the illness as influenza. dictate 口授,使听写: dictate a letter to a secretary differentiate 使不同,使有差别,区分,区别:differentiate va rieties of plants diffuse 扩散(气体,液体等):The colors of the sunset were diffused ac ross the sky. diminish 减少,降低:His illness diminished his strength. diplomat 外交家, 外交官,圆滑的人:a career diplomat discard 丢弃,抛弃:discard an old pair of shoes d iscern 看出,觉察出:We could discern from his appearance that he was upset. disclose 揭露,透露,使公开:disclose information to sb. discharge 释放:The judge found him n ot guilty and discharged him. discount 把(价格,费用等)打折扣,削价出售:The store discounts 3 per cent on all bills paid when due. discriminate 区别,辨别:It’s difficult to discriminate between the twin brothers. disgrace 丢脸,耻辱:bring disgrace on oneself dis gust 厌恶,恶心:feel disgust for bad odors disperse 分散,驱散,散去:Police dispersed the rioters with tear gas displace 移动。。。的位置:Many of the inhabitants were displac ed by the rising floodwaters dispose 布置,整理:The stores disposed the jewellery in an at tractive display disregard 不理会,不顾:Disregard the noise and keep working distinct 有 Three distinct types of people distort 扭歪, a 区别的, 不同的: 扭曲: face distorted by (或 with)pain distract 使转向:be distracted from one’s original purpose distribute 分配,分发:

distribute the prizes among the winners divorce 离婚,分离,脱离:sue for a divorce dom inate 分配,统治:a white dominated society donate 捐赠,赠送:They donate to the Red Cross every year. doom 命运,厄运,劫数:His doom was to be poverty. doze 打瞌睡, 打盹儿:The old lady dozed in her armchair. drain 慢慢排去:drain water from a pool dr ead 怕,畏惧:I dread to think of what may happen. drift 漂流,漂泊:The sounds of mus ic drifted up to us. dubious 引起怀疑的,不确定的:a dubious reply due 欠款的,应支付 的:A great deal of money is due to you. dump 倾倒,倾卸:He opened his bag and du mped its contents on the desk. duplicate 完全一样的,复制的:a duplicate key durable 耐 用的:a durable fabric dwell (dwelt 或 dwelled )(尤指作为常住居民)居住: dwell on an island E economical 节约的,节俭的,经济的: an economical stove edge 边,棱: At the edg e of the lake women were doing their washing edible 可以吃的,可食用的:edible oil elabora te 精心计划(或制作)的,详尽的:an elaborate plot elevate 举起,提高,抬起:elevate the living sta ndards of the people eliminate 排除,消除:eliminate the exploitation of man by man elite 出 类拔萃的人(或物),精华:the elite of the society eloquent 雄辩的,口才流利的,有说服力的:an eloquent spokesman embark 上船(或飞机,汽车等):embark for Europe at New York harbor e mbody 使具体化,表现:embody principles in actions embrace 拥抱:She embraced her son ten derly emigrate 移居外国(或外地区):emigrate from Canada to Australia emit 发出,散发(光,热, 电度,声音,液体,气味等),发射电子:The chimney emitted a cloud of smoke enclose (从四面 八方)围住,包围:enclose a porch with glass encounter 意外的遇见,遭遇:encounter an old frie nd in the theatre endeavor (为达到某一目的而)努力,尝试:How much he endeavored, goal stayed unattained energy 活力,精力:a man of energy enforce 实施,使生效:The principal enfo rced the rules of the school engage (用契约诺言等)约束,使订婚:He engaged himself as an apprentice to a printer enhance 提高(价格,质量,吸引力等),增加,增强:enhance one’s reputat ion enlighten 启发,使摆脱偏见(或迷信)Would you enlighten me on your plans for the futu re? enroll 吸收(成员),招生:The school enrolled about 300 pupils last year ensure 保证,担 保:His industriousness and ability will ensure his success entertain 给。。。娱乐,使有兴趣: The child is entertaining himself with his building blocks entitle 给。。。权利,给。。。资 格(to):Robert was entitled to see the documents equivalent 相等的,相同的:The misery of s uch a position is equivalent to its happiness erase 擦掉,抹掉,消除:erase the chalk marks e rect 竖直的,垂直的,竖起的:an erect tree erupt (火山,喷泉等)喷发:The volcano is due to er upt any day essence 本质,实质,要素:Being thoughtful of others is the essence of politenes s eternal 永恒的,永存的,永久的:eternal truths evaluate 估价,评价:evaluate property evaporat e (使)蒸发,(使)挥发:Heats evaporate water exaggerate 夸张,夸大,对…言过其实:keep to the facts and don’t exaggerate exceed 超出,胜过:Her performance exceeded all the others exc ess 超越,超过:an excess of supply over demand execute 实行,实施,执行,履行:execute a pla n exemplify 例示,举例证明,是…的例证(或榜样等):The teacher exemplified the use of the word exert 用力,尽力:exert all one’s strength exhaust 汲空,抽完:exhaust a well expand 扩

大,扩展,膨胀:Reading(travel)expands one’s mind expel 驱逐,赶走:expel an invader from a country expend 花费,消费(on, in):They expended all their strength in (on) trying to climb out expire 满期,届期,(期限)终止:His term of office expires this year explicit 详尽的,明确 的:give explicit directions exploit 英勇的或冒险的行为或事迹:The daring of exploit of the parachutists were much admired exterior 外部的,外面的,外表的:exterior decorations external 外面的,外部的:external signs of a disease extinct (火等)熄灭了的:an extinct cigarette(fire) extinguish 熄灭,扑灭:extinguish a cigarette(candle) extract 取出,提取:extract a confession ex travagant 奢侈的,浪费的:be extravagant in one’s way of living F fabricate 建造,制造:The fi nest craftsmen fabricated this clock facilitate 使变得(更)容易,使便利:Such a port would faci litate the passage of oil from the Middle East to Japan fade (颜色)褪去:The color in this material will not fade faint 不清楚的,模糊的,微弱的:a faint idea fancy 想象力:Children usua lly have a lively fancy fare 车费,船费,飞机票价:full (half) fare fascinate 强烈的吸引,迷住, 使神魂颠倒:be fascinated with history fashion 方式,样子:She speaks in a very strange fashi on favor 恩惠,善意的行为:We would esteem it a great favor if you would reply at once f easible 可行的:a feasible plan(idea) feeble 虚弱的,无力的:His pulse was very feeble feed 喂养,饲养:feed a baby at the breast figure 数字:according to official figures finance 财政, 金融:skill in finance finite 有限的,有限制的:a finite number of facts flare (火焰)闪耀,(摇 曳不定地)燃烧:candle flaring in the wind flash 闪光,闪烁:a flash of lighting flat 平坦的,扁 平的:a flat land flatter 奉承,使高兴:I feel greatly flattered by your invitation flavor 味,味道, 风味:drama with a European flavor flee 逃走,逃掉:The enemy troops fled in utter confusio n flexible 柔韧易,弯曲的:flexible cord fling(用力)扔,掷,抛,丢:fling sb into prison flourish 茂盛,繁荣,兴旺:Painting flourished in Italy in the fifteenth century fluctuate 波动,起伏:You can’t march in a straight line to the victory, you fluctuate it flush 脸红:Her cheeks flushe d red forbid 不许,禁止:Wine is absolutely forbidden to all the children forge 锻炼:forge a horse-shoe out of an iron bar formulate 规划(制度等),构想出(计划方法等)formulate a polic y fracture 裂缝,裂痕: a fracture in the pipe frequent 时常发生的,频繁的:His trips to Franc e are less frequent now frown 皱眉:frown at sb frustrate 挫败,阻挠,使灰心,使无效:frustrat e a plan fulfill (fulfilled, fulfilling)履行,实现,完成: fulfill a contract furnish 供应,提供:fu rnish blankets for the refugees fury 狂怒,暴怒:fly into a fury fuss 大惊小怪,乱忙,小 题大做:make much fuss over losing a penny G gallop (马等的)飞跑,疾驰:The horse d id a fine gallop during the race gamble 赌博:gamble at cards gasp 喘气,喘息:speak be tween gasps gear 齿轮,传动装置,(排)档:interlock cogs and gears generalize 归纳,概括: I don’t think you can generalize about what voters will do generate 产生,发生(电、热、 光、力、摩擦力等):generate electricity genuine 真的,非人造的,名副其实的:genuine l eather gesture 手势,示意动作:raise one’s hands in a gesture of despair glance 一瞥,扫 视:take a glance at the newspaper headlines glare 怒视,瞪眼:give the jury a glare gli mpse 一瞥,一看:have a glimpse of (into)sth glitter 闪闪发亮(或发光),光彩夺目,闪耀:

His language glitters with marvelous words glory 光荣,荣誉:The soldiers hoped to win glory on the battle field glow 发热,发光,发红:the fire glowing in the darkness gossip 流言蜚语:give rise to gossip govern 统治,管理:govern a nation grace 优美:She ran well, grace in every movement graduate (使)大学毕业:graduate from college grant 同意, 准予:grant a request grease 油脂,动物脂:the grease spot on the envelope greet 问候, 招呼:greet sb with a nod grieve 使悲伤,使伤心:The little girl grieved over her kitten’ s death grind (ground)磨,磨碎,碾碎:grind wheat into flour grip 抓紧,紧握:Fear grip ped his heart gross 总的,毛的:gross income guarantee 保证,保证书,保单:Wealth is no guarantee of happiness H hail 欢呼,喝彩:The crowd hailed the actress with joy halt (行进中的)暂停前进,中止,终止:The car came to a sudden halt hamper 妨碍,阻碍:h amper sb from getting elected handicap 障碍,不利条件:Poor eyesight is a handicap to a student haste 急速,急忙,仓促,草率: Why all this haste? hatch 孵,孵出:hatch (out) chickens hazard 危险,危害物,危险之源:a life full of hazards heal 治愈,愈合:heal the sick heap (一)堆:a big heap of books hedge (矮树)树篱:a quickset hedge highlight 使显著,使突出:Growing economic problems were highlighted by a slowdown in oil out put hinder 妨碍,阻止:Bad weather hindered travel hint 暗示:drop(give ,throw out)a hint hoist 举起,升起,吊起:The war hoisted prices hold 拿着,抓住:The girl is holding t he baby in her arms homogeneous 同种类的,同性质的,有相同特征的:homogeneous par ts horizon 地平(线):The sun has sunk below the horizon hospital 好客的,殷勤的,热情 友好的:be hospital to the homeless hostile 敌人的,敌方的:a hostile army humble 地位 (或身份)低下的,卑贱的:a humble job hysterical 情绪异常激动的,歇斯底里的 an hyster ical outburst of fury I identical 同一的: same (very)identical menu identify 识别, the 鉴别: He identified the coat as his brother’s idle 闲散的,闲置的:idle money ignite 点燃,使燃 烧:ignite a stove fire with scraps of paper ignore 不顾,不理,忽视:He who ignores hi story is doomed to repeat it illuminate 照明,照亮,解释,启发,启迪:The room was p oorly illuminated by one candle illustrate (用图或例子)说明,阐明:A complicated rule ca n be illustrated by a simple example immerse 使浸没:He immersed himself in the pool i mmune 免除的,豁免的:Nobody is immune from criticism impact 冲击,撞击:the impac t of light on the eye impair 削弱,减少:The output of produce was impaired by the bad weather impartial 公正的, A 无偏见的: judge should be impartial implement 工具, 器具, 用具:new types of farm implements impose 征(税),加(负担,惩罚等)于(on, upon):imp ose additional tax on business expansion impulse 推动,驱动:give an impulse to the dev elopment of the friendly relations between the two countries inaccessible 达不到的:The t wo rocks at the top of the steep hill is at first sight inaccessible incline 倾斜:The shaft i nclines almost thirty degree incorporate 包含,吸收:His book incorporates his earlier essa ys incur 招致,引起,遭受:incur sb’s displeasure(envy) indignant 愤怒的,愤慨的:The actress was at the columnist’s personal questions indispensable 必不可少的,必需的(to. fo

r): Oxygen is indispensable to life induce 引诱,劝使:Nothing will induce me to do th at infer (根据已知事实等)推断,推定(from):From his grades I inferred that he was a goo d student ingenious (人,头脑等)灵巧的,足智多谋的:an ingenious designer initiate 开始, 发起:initiate a conversation innovate 革新,改革,创新(in,on/upon):innovate on another’ s creation inquire 询问, He 打听: inquired what the weather was likely to be insert 插入, 嵌入:In the pause he managed to inquire a question inspire 鼓舞,激起:His speech ins pires the crowd instant 紧急的,急迫的,立即的,即刻的:be in instant need of help inst itute 学会,协会,学院,研究院:an institute for the blind insulate 隔音,使隔绝(以免受 到影响):We are not insulated from the real world the way we were insult 侮辱,辱骂: She insulted him by calling him a coward insure 保险,给。。。保险:Every father shoul d insure his life for the sake of his wife and children intact 完整无缺的,未经触动的,未 受损伤的:an intact family integrate 使成一体,使合并(with, into):integrate traditional Ch inese medicine with western medicine interfere 妨碍, Misty weather interfered 冲突(with): with the contact intermittent 间歇的,断断续续的,周期性的:suffer from intermittent hea daches intervene 插入,介入:A week intervenes between Christmas and New Year’s Day intricate 错综复杂的,复杂精细的:A detective story usually has an intricate plot invert 使反向,使倒转,使颠倒:The magician inverted the bag to show it was empty irrespecti ve 不考虑的,不顾的(of) :irrespective of consequences irritate 激怒,使恼怒,使烦躁:b e irritated by sb’s insolence J justify 证明。。。正当或有理,正确:Such behavior is justifi ed on these grounds K knit 编织,编结:She’s knitting her husband a sweater L label 标 签,标记,标号:put labels on your luggage lag 走得慢,落后,滞留:Some of the runn ers began to lag latent 潜在的,隐伏的,不易觉察的:a latent infection leak 漏洞,裂缝: The pipe has got a leak lean 斜,倾斜 the Leaning tower of Pisa lend 借给,贷款 Could you lend me your car length 长, 长度 What is the length of the street? liable 会……的, 有……倾向的 We are all liable to make mistakes liberal 慷慨的,大方的 a liberal donati on light 光,光亮,光线 The house blazed with light limp 软的,松沓的 a young man i n a limp gray sweater linger 逗留,徘徊 The children lingered at the zoo until closing ti me long 长的,远的,久的 a long journey lubricate 使润滑 lubricate the skin with cold c ream lump 块,小方块 a lump of coal M macroscopic 肉眼可见的 magnet 磁铁,磁铁石 The pin was extracted with a magnet magnify 放大,扩大 I want to magnify this picture maintain 维持,保持 maintain law and order malfunction 发生功能障碍,发生障碍 If the computer malfunctions it fails to work properly maltreat 粗暴地对待,虐待 We’ll not inter vene unless the children are being physically maltreated manifest 显然的, 明了的 manifest superiority manipulate (熟练地)操作 Mr. Smith manipulated the ivory chopsticks with grea t dexterity mature 熟的,成熟的 a mature fruit meet 遇见,碰到 He met her there by ch ance melt 使融化,使熔化 The sun melted the snow mend 修理,修补 mend clothes meri t 长处,优点,价值,功绩 merits and demerits migrate 移居(尤指移居国外),迁移 migrat

e to another country minimum 最低限度,最少量,最低点 minor 较小的,较少的,较不 重要的 mislead 把……引错方向,把……引入歧途 moan 呻吟声,呜咽声 Each time she moved her leg she let out a ~ . mobilize 动员 Our country’s in great danger, we must ~ the army. mock 嘲笑,嘲弄 He had ~ed her modest ambitions. model 模型,原形 b uild airplane ~s modify 修改, 更改 ~a law momentary 片刻的, 瞬息的 a ~ feeling of fear monitor (学校的)班长 a ~ in class 5. mortgage 抵押(借款)He will have to ~ his land for a loan. motion 动,运动 the ~ of the planets motive 动机,目的 be proper i n~ mount 登上, 爬上~ the steps multiply 乘,相乘~ 7 and 8 muscle 肌肉 facial ~s mutual 相互的, 彼此的 ~ aid N narrate 叙述,讲述 ~ the story of sb’s life nasty 龌 龊的,肮脏的 a~ room necessitate 使成为必须,需要 The emergency ~d a change in pl ans. necessity 必要(性), (迫切)需要 There is no ~ for disappointment. neglect 忽视, 忽略 ~ one’s health negligent 疏忽的,大意的 be ~ about traffic regulations nominal 名 义的,有名无实的 a ~ leader nominate 提名 a ~ leader noteworthy 值得注意的,显著的 a ~ day notorious 臭名昭著的 a ~ thief notwithstanding 虽然,尽管 They traveled on,~ the storm nourish 养育 Milk is all we need to ~our small baby numb 麻木的,失去感觉 的 fingers ~ with cold O object 物体, 事物 cultural ~s objective 目的, 宗旨 political ~ s oblige 强迫,迫使 In certain countries the law ~s parents to send their children to sch ool obscure 晦涩的, 费解的 an ~ text obsolete 废弃的, 淘汰的 Wooden warships are ~. obstinate 顽固的,固执的,倔强的 The girl would go her own way, in spite of all warni ngs occasion 时刻,场合 They met on three ~s occupy 占用,占有 My books ~ a lot o f space occur 发生,存在,出现 when did the earthquake ~? odd 的奇数的,单的,奇怪 的 One ,three five are ~numbers offend 冒犯,使生气 She was afraid of ~ing anyone. o ffence 犯法行为,过错 They were arrested for drug ~s. offset 补偿,抵消 They gains ~t he losses. omit 省略, 删去 Minor points may be omitted. opaque 不透明的 A brick wall i s ~. optimistic 乐观的,乐观主义的 option 选择权 It is your ~ to take it or leave it or ient 东方,东方国家 political theory in the West and in the Orient origin 起源,由来 a word of Latin ~ ornament 装饰品,点缀品 We bought ~s for the Christmas tree orthod ox 正统的, 正宗的 an ~ economic theory outline 轮廓, 外形 He saw the ~ of a house against the sky overflow 泛滥 Every spring the river ~s overhaul 大修,全面检查,彻底 革新~ a faulty machine overhear 偶然听到,偷听到 I wouldn’t like to be ~d overlap 重 叠, 部分相同 The Renaissance overlapped the later Middle Ages overtake 赶上, 超过 He ran out of the door to ~ her overthrow 推翻,打倒 a plot to ~ the government overwh elm 征服,压倒,毁坏 He took 45% of the ballots and ~ed his two main rivals P pace 步,步速,步伐 He took three ~s forward pack 包,包裹 The climber carried some food in a ~ on his back pad 垫,衬垫 a seat ~ pant 气喘,气喘吁吁地说话 He ~ed along beside the bicycle parallel 平行的 The road is ~ to the river paralyze 使瘫痪,使麻痹 A stroke ~d half his face partial 偏向一方的, 偏袒的, 偏爱的 A parent should not be ~

to any one of his children participate 参与,参加,In a modern democracy people want t o ~ more fully particular 特殊的,特别的 a matter of ~ importance pat (用掌或扁平物) 轻拍,轻打 She patted a place next to her for me to sit down patch 补钉,补片 patches at elbows of a jacket patent 专利,专利权,专利品 take out a ~ for an invention pattern 模范,榜样 set the ~ for pave 铺路,铺砌,铺筑 ~ a road with concrete peculiar 奇怪 的,古怪的 He has always been a little ~ peel 削皮,剥皮 peel potatoes penetrate 穿透, 渗入 The nail ~d the wood at least two inches perceive 感知, 感觉, 觉察 He was only able to ~ light and color ;he could not see properly perfect 完美的, 理想的 a ~ couple perform 做,执行,完成~ an experiment perfume 香水,香料,香气 She loves French ~ (s) periodical 期刊,杂志 a ~ room perish 卒,丧生~ from disease perpetual 永久的, 永恒的,长期的 a ~ arms race perplex 使困惑,使茫然 The question ~ed him persecut e 虐待,残害,迫害 ~ animals perspective 透视画法,透视图 a lesson in drawing class on ~ pessimistic 悲观的 I am ~ about my chances of getting the job petition 请愿,请 愿书 get up a ~ pierce 刺入,刺穿,穿透 The thorn ~d his heel pile 一堆,一叠 a ~ of sand pilot 飞行员,驾驶员 pin 大头针,别针 pinch 捏,拧,夹 I ~ed myself to mak e sure I wasn’t dreaming plausible 论点等貌似有理的 a ~ excuse plead 恳求,请求 His parents ~ed that he should be given one more chance pledge 保证,誓言,誓约 fulfill o ne’s ~ plot 小块土地 a vegetable ~ plug 塞子,栓 He wears rubber ~s in his ears wh en he swims plunge 猛地投入或插入 He ran to the edge of the swimming pool and ~d in pocket 衣袋,口袋,袋子 a change ~ polish 擦光,擦亮 Polish your shoes with a br ush poll 民意测验 A recent ~ shows a change in public opinion pool 水池,游泳池 a s wimming ~ portable 便于携带的,手提式的,轻便的 This little TV is extremely ~ pose 姿势,样子 The model was asked to adopt various ~s for the photographer postpone 延 迟, 延缓, 延期 We are postponing our trip until the weather grows warmer potential 潜在 的,可能的 That hole in the road is a ~ danger pour 倒,注,灌,倾泻,涌流 He bega n to ~ with sweat preach 讲道, 布道 ~ to a packed church preside 主持, 主管(at, over) The vice chairman of the board will ~ at today’s meeting press 按, 挤, ~ the bell 压 presume 推测,假定,假设 From the way they talked, I ~d them to be married prevail 流行, 盛行 This custom still ~s among members of the older generation prey 被捕食的动 物, 捕获物 The lion seized its ~ and ate it prick 一刺, 一扎 The boy burst the balloon with a ~ of the needle prime 首要的,主要的 a matter of ~ importance primitive 原始 的,上古的,早期的 a ~ forest prior 在先的,在前的 Stop making public statements wit hout their ~ approval here privilege 特权,优惠,特免 In countries where there are still not many schools, education is a ~ probe 探索,探查,调查 ~ the roots of war proceed (尤指停顿或打断后)继续进行 The train ~ed at the same speed as before process 过 程,进程 the ~ of digestion proclaim 宣告,宣布,声明 ~ war produce 生产,制造 Ca nada ~s wheat and furs profit 利润,收益, 红利 They made millions in ~s in last year

profound 很深的 a ~ sleep prohibit 禁止 Tourist class passengers are ~ed from using th e first class lounge project 计划,方案 draw up a ~ prolong 延长,拉长,拖延 a means of ~ing life prominent 突起的,凸出的 a ~ forehead prompt 敏捷的,迅速的 He is ~ on the job pronounce 发音 ~ distinctly propose 提议,建议 When she was very ill ,her l awyer has ~d to her that she might like to make a will prosper 兴旺,繁荣,昌盛,成功 His farm ~ed through good management provoke 挑动,激起,导致 He tried to ~ the m into fighting pump 泵 fill a bucket from the ~ pursue 追赶,追随,追求 He felt thei r eyes pursuing him puzzle 难题,智力玩具,迷,迷惑 jigsaw ~ Q quality 质量,品级 merchandise of ~ quantity 数量, an increase in ~ quench 消除, 量 平息, 压制, 扑灭 ~ hatred queue 一队人,一行列车 from a ~ quit 停止,放弃 It hasn’t ~ raining yet quiv er 颤抖,抖动 ~ with cold quote 引用,引述,援引 She ~d several verses to us R rack 架子,支架,搁架 a clothes ~ radiate(光,热等)辐射,发射 The sun ~s light and h eat radical 根本的,基本的 a ~ error rake (长柄)耙,耙机,耙状物 an oyster ~ rally 集合,团结 ~ public opinion in favor of price controls random 胡乱的,任意的,随意的, a ~talk range 排,行,一系列 a ~ of buildings rank 排,行,列 the ~s of great pines rate 比率, Velocity is the ~ of change of distance with respect to time reap 收割, 率 收 获 ~ the rice in the field rear 后部,后边,背部 a garden at the ~ of the house recall 回忆, 回想 I ~ seeing a poster on his wall reciprocal 相互的, 交互的 ~ respect reckon 计算,数 ~ the days till Christmas reclaim 使改过,改造 ~ former criminals recognize 认出,识别 Dogs ~ people by their smell recollect 回忆,想起 I am trying to ~ a forg otten address recommend 推荐,称赞 He ~ed me for the post of headmaster reconcile 使 和解, 使和好 After each fight they ate soon ~d recover 追回, 重新得到 The police ~ed stolen watch recruit 招募(新兵)招收(新成员)try to ~300 men in two days rectify 纠 正,改正,矫正 ~ the mistakes in a bill refer 提到,谈到 Does the remark ~ to me re fine 提炼~ crude oil into various petroleum products reform 改革,改良 He spend years trying to ~ the world refresh 使恢复活力,使振作精神 Sleep ~es the body refute 驳斥, 驳倒 The argument cannot be d at the moments regard 看待,认为,对待 I ~ the matter in this light regenerate 使恢复,使复兴,再生 The human body can ~ hair, nails, etc re gulate 管理,控制,为……制订规章 The policeman ~d traffic at the intersection reign 为 王,统治 In England ,the sovereign ~s but does not rule reinforce 增援,加强 They hope to ~ their domination in these countries rejoice 使感到高兴,使充满喜悦 The whole nat ion ~ over the victory relate 讲述, 叙述 She ~d the experience of a Chinese girl in the United States relay 接力传送,传递 ~ a message release 排放,释出 ~ a bomb from an aircraft relevant 有关的,切题的 I don’t think his remarks are ~ to our discussions rel ieve 缓解,减轻,解除 He smoked frequently to ~ nervous tension remark 评论,议论 (o n, upon) It would be rude to ~ upon her appearance remedy 治疗,治疗法,药品 a folk ~ remember 记得,回想起,不忘记 I ~ reading that boo when I was eight remind 提

醒,使想起 I ~ed him of his promise remove 移开,挪走 ~ one’s eyes from the pictur e render 使得,使成为 The blow ~ed him unconscious renew 更新,恢复,更换 We feel totally ~ed in body ,mind ,and spirit renovate 修复,整修 ~ a two storey building repe l 击退,抵制,拒绝,排斥 ~ the enemy repent 后悔,懊悔 ~of a thoughtless act replac e 代替,取代,更换 The calculator is rapidly replacing the abacus represent 代表,象征 T o many local people these castles ~ a hundred years of foreign domination reproach 责 备,指责,斥责 mute ~ rescue 营救,救援,搭救 ~ hostages held by the terrorists rese nt 怨恨 ~ those unfair comments reserve 保留,储备 We’ll the ticket for you till tomorr ow noon resign 辞职, 引退 He ~ed from his post resolve 决定, 打定注意要 Have you ~ d where to go next? resort 求助,凭借,诉诸 ~ to sb for help restore 恢复,修复,康复 The temple has been ~d out of all recognition restrain 抑制,遏止 ~ one’s anger resu me 重新开始,继续 When I quit golf, I ~d writing retain 保留,保持 ~the right to repl y reveal 揭示,揭露 I promise never to ~ his secret revenge 报仇,复仇 Man may destr oy the balance of nature ,but ,from time to time, nature takes a terrible ~ reverse 相反 的,颠倒的,倒退的 a ~ dictionary revise 修订,校订 ~ a dictionary revive 苏醒,复苏 He is dead and never will ~ ridiculous 可笑的,荒唐的,荒谬的 In this department of English girls outnumber boys in a ~ ratio rigid 刚性的,坚硬的 a ~ piece of plastic rip e 成熟的,时机成熟的 a ~ cluster of grapes roll 滚动,滚落 Rocks were ~ing down th e hillside rot 腐烂,腐坏,腐朽,腐败,腐化 Meat may ~ if it is not refrigerated rounda bout 绕道的,绕圈子的,不直接的 The car has to take a ~ course to avoid the flood ro use 惊起 The boat ~d wild ducks to flight row 吵闹,争吵 What’s all this ~ about? ru b 擦, 摩擦 He rubbed his eyes rush 冲, ~ into the room rust 锈, 奔 铁锈 Iron gathers ~ easily ruthless 无情的,残忍的,冷酷的 a~ enemy S sack 麻袋,纸袋,塑料袋 a ~of c ement sacred 神圣的 the ~ name of God sacrifice 献祭,供奉 a law banning the ~ of a nimals salute 敬礼,祝贺 ~ one’s superior officer scan 细看,审视 ~ the doctor’s face for a sign of hope scare 惊吓,恐惧 The thunder ~d the children scatter 撒,撒播~ cor n for the chickens schedule 时间表,进度表 a fight ~ scheme 计划,方案 He suggested several ~s to increase sales scold 责骂,训斥 Dad ~ed me for coming home late score 得分,比分,分数,成绩 At the end of first half there’s no ~ scorn 轻蔑,鄙视 He ~s lying scrap 碎片,零屑 ~s of bread scrape 刮,擦 ~one’s chin scratch 抓,刮,擦 Th e cat ~ed me with its claws screen 屏,幕,帘 a folding ~ secure 安全的,可靠的,有 把握的 a castle ~from attack seek 寻找,探索 ~ shelter from the rain seize 抓住,捉住 The policeman ~d him by the collar sense 感官,官能 Sight ,hearing ,touch, taste, and s mell are the five ~s sensible 明知的, 合情理的 a ~ choice serve 服务, 履行职责 He ~ d as an adviser to the company set 放置 He set his hand on my shoulder shade 荫, 荫凉 处 The group of trees provide some ~ from the sun sham 假装,虚伪 Her illness was a ~ to gain sympathy shame 羞耻,羞愧 flush with ~ shape 形状,外形 the ~ of sb’s

face share 一分,分额,一部分 They divided the money into equal ~s shear 剪,修剪 ~ a lawn shed 流 ~ one’s blood for one’s country sheer 完全的,十足的 ~ nonsense she lter 掩蔽处,躲避处 a bus ~ shield 盾,保护物,防御物 They piled more sand on top a s a ~ shift 转移,移动 Don’t try to ~the blame onto me shower 阵雨,阵雨般的东西 be caught in a hard ~ shrewd 机灵的,敏锐的,精明的 a ~ guess signify 表示,表明, 预示 ~ consent with a nod simulate 假装,冒充 use tricks to ~ illness sit 坐,就坐 He was sitting over his coffee with a cigar sketch 素描, 速写 make a ~ of a face in penci l slack 不紧的,不严的 a ~ soft rope slender 苗条的,修长的,细长的 She is ~ and ha s long dark hair slide 滑行,滑动,滑落 The drawers of my desk ~ in and out easily sl im 苗条的,薄的 Regular exercise will make you slimmer slip 滑倒,滑落,滑行 She ~e d on the wet stones and fell slit 切开,撕开 ~ the envelope open slope 倾斜,有坡度 T he ground ~s down sharply at this point sly 狡猾的,偷偷的 a ~answer smart 聪明的, 精明的 Smart students talk earlier than the average smash 打碎,打破,摧毁 The ball ~e d the window smooth 平滑的,光滑的~ skin snatch 夺得,一把抓住 The thief ~ed her handbag and ran off snob 势力的人,谄上欺下的人 a ~ of the first water soak 湿透,浸 湿,浸泡 You shouldn’t have gone out in the rain-your clothes are ~ing sober 未醉的 A driver must stay ~ soil 泥土,土壤 The ~here is very fertile sophisticated 老于世故的 a young man quite ~ for his age sore 痛的,痛苦的,痛心的 touch sb on a ~ place s ort 种类, 类别 He is not the ~ of man to do such a cruel thing sound 健康的, 健全的, 完好的 a ~body in a ~ mind sour 酸的, 酸味的 ~pickles sow 播种 This plot of land was sown with maize spare 多余的,剩下的 have no ~ cash spark 火花,火星 The firew ork burst into a shower of ~s sparkle 发光,闪耀 Her eyes were sparkling with anger sp ecify 具体指定,详细说明 They have specified the amount as 700,000 dollars spectacle 景 象,奇观,壮观,场面 The burning house was a terrible ~ speculate 推测,推断 I cann ot ~ on their motives for doing this spill 溢出,溅出 The ship ~ed oil while in port sp in 纺制 ~ cotton into yarn spit 吐出 He was ~ting out the husks of sunflower seeds o n the floor splash 溅泼 A passing car ~ed my dress split 劈开,切开,裂开 ~ the firew ood with an axe spoil 损坏,毁掉 It would ~ my reputation sponsor 发起者,主办者, 保证人,赞助者 the ~ of the annual Christmas parade spot 斑点,污点 a blue tie with ~ s spray 浪花,水花 The new shower heads reduce ~ and waste less water sprout 抽条, 发芽,长出 The seeds we planted finally ~ed spur 靴刺,踢马刺 a pair of ~s squeeze 榨,挤 ~ juice from oranges stab 刺,戳,猛的一击,突发的一阵 a ~ of anxiety stack 整齐的一叠 a ~ of bills staff 全体职员,全体雇员 The company has got a ~ of about 40 stain 玷污,污染 His shirt was ~ed with blood stale 食品等不新鲜的,走味的 These old peanuts taste ~ stall 牛舍 stamp 邮票 put a ~ on a letter start 开始, 动手 I’ve got so many things to do,I don’t know where to ~ startle 惊吓,使吃惊 The horse ~s easil y starve 使挨饿,饿死 Many live in luxury while others are starvin


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