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2013 年广东高考英语作文冲刺 (4) 高考英语读写任务填空式写作模版一 第一行:题目 第一段:The text is mainly about……(原文的关键人物或话题等)。In the writer’ s (或文章的主要人物) opinion,……(原文要说明的道理或论点,即原文的关键词或短 语)。 第二段:I do agree with the writer(或文章的主要人物). In my opinion,I also think……(原文的道理或论点). For one thing, …… (第一个理由). For another thing, ……(第二个理由). 第三段:1、Looking back, there are so many similar stories in my life and I choose one of them to show it to you. There was a time when I ……(一篇能说明该道理或 论点的记叙文,注意要写具体时间、地点、人物,事件的经过等。中间要使用谚语,万能 句型等。) 第四段:1、From what has been discussed above, we can safely draw a conclusion that ……(原文要说明的道理或论点). 练习: 阅读下面的短文,然后按要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文。 In some public toilets in Australia, signs have been put up in Chinese to remind Chinese visitors to wash out the toilet after use. In many scenic spots in foreign countries, similar posters ask Chinese people to speak in softer tones. In China, there are many rude bus passengers who never wait in line for a bus and push hard onto it the moment the bus stops. There are also witnesses to accidents who fail to lend a hand to others. In Beijing, the residents’ impolite, sometimes rude manners are often noted by visitors from all over the world. When talking about these phenomena, it is a shame for all of us Chinese people. “ The success of the 2008 Olympic Games depends very much on showing good manners as on the quality of facilities and players’ performances, ” China’s delegate to the International Olympic Committee said. “ The fact that some people pay little attention to their manners stands in our way of holding the 2008 Olympic Games successfully.” Yes, showing our culture and our country’s economic power through this event is important , but good manners should be put at the top of our agenda(议程). [写作内容] 1.以约 30 个词概括短文的要点; 2.然后以约 120 个词以“中国式过马路的不文明行为”为主题发表看法,并包括以下要 点: (1)你认为文明过马路是否重要; (2)描述一次你目睹或体验的中国式过马路真实或虚构的经历; (3)你是怎样看待这种不文明行为的; (4)呼吁大家文明过马路。 [写作要求] 1.作文中可使用自己的亲身经历或虚构的故事,也可以参照阅读材料的内容但不得直接 引用原文中的句子; 2.标题自定。 Ⅰ. 英语大作文



Ⅱ. 小作文模版: 见上次资料 (今夕对比类) Ⅲ . 基本功练习: 在英文写作中,状语从句的运用也属于高考英语高分作文的必需条件,所以,考生必须 学会并熟练运用状语从句。 状语从句在复合句中起状语的作用,修饰主句中的谓语动词、形容词或副词。状 语从句由从属连词引导,从属连词在句中不充当句子成分,只起连接作用。 一、时间状语从句 1.由连词 when, whenever, as, while, after, before, until, till, since, once, as soon as 等引导。 When the bell rang, the person was waiting in his seat. Three months went by before she knew it. 2.由 the minute, the moment, the instant, immediately, instantly, directly, the day, the week, the year, the first time, any time, next time, every time, each time, the last time, all the time, by the time 等引导。 I recognized you the minute I saw you. The machine starts the moment the button is pressed. 二、地点状语从句 由连词 where 和 wherever 引导。 Make a mark where you have questions. 在有疑问的地方做个记号。 Where there is plenty of sunlight and rain, 三、原因状语从句 由 because, as, since, now that 引导。 Because he was a great thinker, no one questioned his ideas for almost 2,000 years. 因为他是一个伟大的思想家,近 2000 年都没人对他的思想提出怀疑。 Since a lot of people make mistakes in life, 四、目的状语从句 由 that, so that, in order that 等引导,口语中 so 也可引导目的状语从句。 He took medicine on time so that he might get well sooner. 他准时吃药,目的是想早日恢复健康。 Let's take the front seats in order that we may see more clearly. 我们坐到前排去,以便可以看得更清楚些。 we want to give him a chance. 既然很多人一生中都会犯错误,我们想给他一个机会。 the fields are green. 哪里有充足的阳光和雨水,哪里的田地就绿油油的。


五、结果状语从句 由 so that, so ...that, such ...that 等引导,口语中 so ...that, such ...that 中的 that 有时可以 省略。 The engineer did not plan his time well so that he didn't finish his work on time. 这位工程师没有计划好时间,所以没有按时完成任务。 In fact, his spokenEnglish was so good that the teacher praised him for it in class. 事实上,他的英语口语非常好,以至于老师在课堂上表扬了他。 六、条件状语从句 由 if, unless, as long as, so long as 等引导,另外,if only, only if, suppose/supposing, pr ovided/providing, on condition that, assuming, in case, granted/granting 也可引导条件状语 从句。 They said they would all leave if John stayed. 他们说如果约翰留下,他们就都离开。 We can surely overcome these difficulties so long as we are closely united. 七、方式状语从句 由 as, as if, as though 等引导。 I'll do as I am told to. He heard a noise, 八、让步状语从句 由 though, although, as, even if, even though, whoever, whatever, however, no matter wh o (what, how, when), whether, while 等引导。 Proud as these two moneybags are, they are afraid to see me. 尽管两个大款很高傲,他们都害怕来见我。 We wouldn't lose heart even if we should fail ten times. 就是失败十次,我们也不会灰心。 九、比较状语从句 由 as ...as, not as / so ...as, than, the more ...the more ...等引导。 The streets in New York are just as crowded as those in London. He looks younger than he is (for his age). 练习: 1. 我正在街上走着,突然我遇到了一个老朋友。 2. 就算我可能失败一百次,我也不会放弃。 as if someone was breathing heavily.


3.只有当战争结束了,人们才能过上幸福的生活。 4. 无论发生什么事,他也不会改变主意。 5. 这些问题这么难,以致没有一个学生能解答出来。 6.我刚出门,天就下起雨来了。 7.直到老师告诉他答案,他才意识到自己的错误。 练习二: 翻译短文: 昨天上午,你惊悉你的朋友李华被一辆汽车撞伤住了院,事情经过是:那天李华正要穿过 大街,他很小心,直到看到绿灯亮时才开始过街。可当他刚要走到街心时,右侧突然出现 了一辆轿车,径直朝他开来。他躲闪不及被撞出了几米远。他立即被送进医院并动了手术。 昨晚你去看他时,他虽已脱险,但仍然脸色苍白。 参考词汇:躲闪:dodge 右侧:right-hand side




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