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中考模拟 21
中考英语模拟试题 21 I.听力、语音和词汇(-r 音节、-re 音节):(共 45 分) A)听力。(20 分) 略 B)语音和词汇。(25 分) (1)朗读下列短文,并写出划线部分字母组合的读音。(5 分) This morning a large cart passed // // //

Martin's garden hurt a German's arm.The // // // // //

person is a worker in a dirty shirt.His wife // // // //

is a nurse.She works in a hospital.She'll // //

certainly take care of him. // (2)翻译下列短语。(10 分) 1.keep healthy 2.at the same time 3.all the time 4.give a concert 5.fall down 6.at the end of 7.in a hurry

8.all the year round 9.later on 10.turn...over 11.成长 12.记日记 13.打电话 14.晨报 15.告别 16.捎口信 17.和??相同 18.不到,少于 19.随便吃 20.上演 (3)用括号中所给单词的正确形式填空。(10 分) 1.I don't know what 2.One of the at the meeting.(say) is good at cars.(drive,fix) a concert in the big theatre a few days

3.The band from the USA ago.(give) 4.I like watching my mother 5.Which do you like 6.The meeting o'clock.(begin,is) 7.Tom has few)

bread at home.(make) ,spring,summer or winter?(well)

before 8:30.I think it

over after eleven

maths books but I have

reading books of us. (many,

8.She lost five marks in the exam because she was


9.Would you like 10.What do the

the hill on


like about China?(Sweden)

II.语法复习(介词;短语动词):(共 29 分) A)选用下列介词填空。(5 分) on,to,in,from,with,at,of

Mr White came home from work(1) felt tired.As soon as he sat down(3) cup(4) tea.


the afternoon.He

a chair,Mrs White brought him a

“Thank you,dear,”said Mr White. “Have you heard(5) “I've had another letter (6) (7) Mr Green?”she asked. him, ”Mr White said. “His leg is getting any of the channels.”

better.”Mr White drank the tea and turned on the TV.“Um,what's wrong the TV?There's no programme(8)

“I'm afraid it needs mending,”Mrs White turned off the TV. “Never mind.I'll see what I can do(9) Mr White.“Now let's listen(10) the TV this weekend,”said

the radio instead.”

B)用适当的介词完成下列短文。(7.5 分) It was Christmas Eve.It was very cold.A poor girl was selling flowers (1) (2) the street.Her parents were ill,so she had to get money food.She felt cold and hungry.She stopped(3) front of a

beautiful house.The girl knocked(4) and felt tired.She sat down(5) (6)

the door and a man came out.She asked the foot of a tall wall.She looked the the

him if he needed some flowers.The man said he didn't want any.She left the house the flowers.The flowers smelled very nice.She suddenly had a strange last she found herself (9)

feeling. She felt she was becoming light, and slowly she began to fly (7) sky. She flew higher and higher and (8)

clouds.A group of people were coming to meet her.(10) (11) (12)

the head of them

was her granny.Granny welcomed her and asked her why she didn't stay home.The girl told her that she had to sell flowers to get money beautiful clothes and delicious food.The girl laughed happily. a smile (14) her because her parents were badly ill.Granny told her not to worry and gave her lots

It snowed heavily that night. The girl died (13) face.(15) Christmas songs and enjoyed themselves.

the same time,the people in the beautiful house began to sing

C)选择方框内的词语并用其正确形式填空。(每词只用一次)(9 分) get on hear of wake up hear from regard as sell out knock at pay for wait for catch up with

fall behind laugh at

write down take off get up be bad for be good at


1.Jim,go and see who's 2.Have you 3.I haven't 4.It's not polite to

the door,please.

the jacket?It's forty yuan. my uncle for a long time. others. it. this morning,it was 9 o'clock. the others.

5.The bus moved away as soon as he 6.When my mother me

7.If you don't work hard,you'll


China's Great Wall a lot,but I've never been there. the others in your class if you study

9.Don't worry!I'm sure you'll harder than before. 10.Would you please 11.I'm sorry you have to room. 12.I often 13.Smoking 14.His daughter

my name and my telephone number? your shoes before you get into the computer

late on Sunday mornings. your health. singing and dancing. . tonight?

15.I'm sorry.All the tickets have been 16.Could you ask him to 17.I Tom me my brother. no man.

18.Time and tide D)选择填空。(7.5 分)

1.—Excuse me.Where's the Science Museum? —Take No.3 bus and A.get on B.get to C.get up D.get off 2.Your daughter is very ill.Have you A.sent for B.heard from C.paid for D.looked after 3.He tripped a plastic bag on the ground last night. a doctor? at the fourth stop.

A.down B.over C.up D.away 4.We dropped our things and went out for a dinner.

A.off B.down C.to D.in 5.Will you A.turn off B.get on C.get off D.turn on 6.Don't ,he has only slept for two hours. the light?It's dark in the room.

A.wake him up B.ring him up C.wake up him D.ring up him 7.The doctor A.looked him over B.looked over him C.looked by over D.looked after him 8.If you finish reading my book,please A.give it again B.give again it C.give back it D.give it back 9.The flowers start to A.come in B.come out C.come from D.come to 10.Their telephone number is 7035707.Have you A.written it down B.written down it C.written them down D.written down them 11. my parents' help,I begin to catch up my classmates. ? in spring. to me. carefully and found nothing serious.

A.With;to B.Under;with C.With;with D.To;to

12.Don't worry,I'll take good care A.for B.of C.with D.to


13.Don't be afraid of the dog,he only wants to make friends A.to B.with C.of D.about 14.You should take more exercise.It's good A.for B.with C.at D.to 15.A good teacher should be strict students. A.with;in B.with;with C.in;with D.in;in III.课本内容(初二册第 8—14 单元):(共 41 分) A)选择填空。(12.5 分) 1.What did you have A.for B.with C.at D.in 2.Mrs Smith A.buys B.bought C.will buy D.has bought 3.The girl kept her hands A.close B.closing C.closed D.to close 4.The two boys enjoy A.play B.to play C.and play D.playing 5.Lesson Fourteen is very easy.There are new words in it. football very much. . a new bike at the shop a week ago. lunch today? his teaching and your health.



A.a few B.few C.some D.little 6.He usually takes a walk along A.the;the B.the;/ C.a;/ D.a;a 7.Two of them are here.But where are A.the other B.others C.the others D.another 8.—Is Mr White any better today? —No,he is a little . students? river near school.

A.well B.bad C.better D.worse 9.The factory is about five kilometres A.away from B.away C.far D.far from 10.She'd like to the cinema with you. here.

A.to go B.going C.went D.go 11.It's getting colder.You'd A.better not to B.better don't C.not better D.better not 12. heavy work it is! go out.

A.How B.What C.How a D.What a 13.—When —Two days ago. A.did;come B.had;come he back from America?

C.will;come D.does;come 14.My mother isn't in now.But she will be back A.in B.for C.before D.at 15.This postcard isn't good enough.Can you show me A.again B.the others C.another D.other 16.The hospital is our school. ? ten minutes.

A.at the middle of B.in the front of C.next to D.after 17.—How long can I keep the book? — .

A.Only two weeks B.In two weeks C.Two weeks later D.Two weeks ago 18.Do you know a girl A.calling B.called C.calls D.call 19.— do you go to the cinema? Han Ying?

—Twice a month. A.How long B.How often C.How many times D.How much 20.Which do you like ,football or basketball?

A.best B.well C.better D.most 21.There's a knife on the floor. A.Pick it up B.Pick up it ,please.

C.Get up it D.Get it up 22.Let Mary the homework by herself.

A.to do B.does C.doing D.do 23.— are the apples?

—Five yuan a jin. A.How much B.How many C.What D.How 24.Of all the students in our class,Li Ping studies A.hard B.harder C.much harder D.the hardest 25.Why not to Hong Kong with your parents? .

A.to go B.go C.going D.goes B)句型转换。(9.5 分) 在 B 句的每个空白处填入一个单词,使其与 A 句意思相同或相近。 1.A:Their headmaster visited our school last week. B:Their headmaster week. 2.A:His grandparents left three days ago. B:His grandparents 3.A:How is the weather in France? B: the in France? three days. a our school last

4.A:There is often heavy rain in summer in Jinan. B:It often in summer in Jinan.

5.A:The weather in Australia isn't the same as that in England.

B:The weather in Australia is 6.A:How dry it is today! B: dry it is today!

that in England.

7.A:The radio says the rain will stop soon. B:The radio says it'll C)根据汉语意思,完成英语句子。(10 分) 1.他此刻不在,你再打电话给他好吗? He isn't here right now. please you again? later on.

2.长大以后他想像爱迪生一样做个科学家。 He wants Edison he a . like

3.她的工作是给各家工厂打电话。 Her is every factory.

4.你可以和他们一起讨论商业问题,同时还可以看一部有趣的电影。 You can and an with them the .

5.我们将在 8 点钟去车站,你最好把表拨准。 We will go to the station watch . 8:00.You your

6.语文老师让他们每人写一篇有关春节的作文。 The Chinese teacher to a them the .

7.当他看见事故发生的时候,匆忙给警察打了个电话。 He the policeman a when



8.哪个国家的天气最像中国的,英国、法国还是日本? the weather ,England,France or Japan?

9.我坚持记日记帮我记事,因为我每天要分秒必争。 I every a counts. me things I think

10.盘子里的海产品味道很好,是不是? The the , ?

D)口语应用(问时间或日期和应答;劝告和建议)。(9 分) (1)从 A 栏中找出与 B 栏相应的答语。(4 分) (A) 1.What time is it? 2.How about a drink,Jim? 3.Shall we go for a walk? 4.Let's play football. 5.What day is today? 6.What's the date tomorrow? 7.What about going to the cinema? 8.You'd better spend more time on your maths. (B) A.December 5th. B.I'd love to.It's a fine day for a walk. C.It's four o'clock.

D.That's a good idea.I'm thirsty. E.OK,Let's. F.It's Monday. G.I know. H.All right. (2)根据情景将下列对话补全,每空一词。(5 分) 1.— the time?

—It's five to three. 2.—Hello!May I speak to Mary? — ,please.

3.—Where's Jill? —I'm not .Maybe he's in the room.

4.—Would you like to go hiking with me? — 5.— .I'd love to. can I do for you?

—Well,I'm looking for a shirt for my son. 6.—Is it time for class? — hurry.There're ten minutes left.

7.—What are you going to do tomorrow? — much.Only some school work.

8.—When shall we meet? —Let's it half past nine. mooncake?

9.—Would you like —No,thanks.I'm full.

10.—Shall we go to the zoo tomorrow? —Why ?Let's go to see the animals there.

IV.综合能力训练:(共 35 分) A)补全下面的对话,每空一词。(5 分) A: B:It's September 30. A:And what about B:It's September 31. A:Oh,you are B:Yes,I see. A:Please remember. 31 days in January,March,May,July, .September only 30 days. ? today?

August, October and December. And thirty days in April, June, September and November. B:What about ? twenty-nine days. me.

A:Oh,it has twenty-eight B:Thank you for B)完形填空。(5 分)

Mrs Black was a famous musician several years ago.She


music at a school

and her students did well in their lessons.They liked her very much.Now the old woman stays at home with her husband.The old man looks after his wife well and she is 2 worried about anything.And she is very 3 . 4 is falling.Sometimes 5 noticed

Just like some old people,Mrs Black finds that her

she forgets what she did or will do.It often gets her in trouble.Her tickets 6 London and told her to put 7

it and asked her to see a famous doctor who lives in the capital.He bought two into her handbag while she was 8 9 just on time to catch with us.” playing the piano.The next morning,when they got to the the plane,Mrs Black said,“I wish we'd brought the

“Don't be a fool,dear!”said Mr Black.“We're not going to hold a concert, but to see a 10 .”

“I know”she said,“but I've left the tickets on it!” 1.A.loved B.taught C.enjoyed D.studied 2.A.always B.often C.never D.sometimes 3.A.sorry B.worried C.sad D.happy 4.A.sight(视力)B.hearing C.interest D.memory 5.A.husband B.daughter C.son D.student 6.A.for B.in C.from D.of 7.A.it B.them C.this D.that 8.A.airport B.bus stop C.station D.harbour(海港) 9.A.money B.music C.tickets D.piano 10.A.doctor B.film C.play D.house C)阅读理解。(7.5 分) When we think of Hollywood,we think of films and famous film stars.They're part of Hollywood's history.Today people make films in other places,too.Not all famous film stars live in Hollywood.But Hollywood is still a very special city in Los Angeles,California. You can easily see where Hollywood is in Los Angeles.There is a big sign on the hills.It says“HOLLYWOOD”.The white letters are fifty feet tall.You can see the sign from far away.The Hollywood sign is a famous Hollywood landmark in Los Angeles.Many postcards show this famous Hollywood landmark. In the hills of Hollywood,there is also the Hollywood Bowl.This is an open-air theatre.It is one of the largest open-air theatres in the world.It has seventeen thousand seats and a very different stage(演奏台).The design(设计)of the stage was by a great American called Frank Lcoyd Wright.You can listen to all kinds of concerts at the Hollywood Bowl.

1.The best title for the reading should be A.Hollywood B.Famous Films And Film Stars C.The History of Hollywood D.Famous Hollywood Sign 2.We learn from the reading that .

A.“HOLLYWOOD”can just be seen from far away B.Hollywood is now a place only for travellers C.all the films are made in Hollywood D.Hollywood is one part in Los Angeles 3.The word“special”in the last sentence of the first paragraph means .

A.new B.old C.famous D.unusual 4.At the Hollywood Bowl A.all postcards are made B.only 7,000 people can get together C.people can enjoy music D.you can hardly listen to different kinds of concerts 5.It seems that . .

A.some famous film stars don't choose to live in Hollywood B.film stars don't think Hollywood a good place to make films C.the Hollywood Bowl is larger than any other open-air theatre in the world D.the Hollywood Bowl is a hill in Hollywood

D)看图填词。(7.5 分)

The wild goose and the duck are good friends. Now they are learning (1) fly together in a school.The wild goose flies very(2) fly very high and well.But the duck doesn't do that.She(3) playing(4) the wild goose decides to fly to the(5) .(6) (7) the(9)


and soon she can eating and the to

flying.Of course she can't fly a month later.Winter is coming,

duck.The duck asks the goose to take him on her back. (8) the south,the duck sees(10) (11) river.The goose(13) (14)

of beautiful things and she is so happy into a (15) save her.So up to now,

she jumps off the wild goose's back.Then she(12)

the duck has to live on the water. E)书面表达。(10 分) 用所给的词叙述有关 Ann 的生日情况。 1.yesterday,Ann's birthday 2.start,5:45 3.her friends,come 4.give,the presents 5.mother,buy,a cake 6.have a great time 厦门市塑源工贸有限公司 www.xmnfcpgq.com.cn_福建沃谷投资发展有限公司 www.haixiyou.com.cn 福安市成胜工贸有限公司 www.fachengsheng.cn_百思科(厦门)信 息科技有限公司 www.baijiahouse.com.cn 温州市龙湾区海滨千维阀门厂 www.qianweifamen.cn_百思科(厦门)信息科技有限公司 www.baijiahouse.com.cn
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