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1. abnormal a. 不正常的> I’m normal, you’re ~ ! 2. abolish v. 废除 > CET-Band 4 should be abolished ! A daydreamer 3. abrupt a. 突然的, 唐突的 > Your~ manner embarrassed her! 4. absurd a. 荒唐的 >What an ~ idea! 5. accessory n. 附件, 零件 >Handbag, lipstick, etc. are women’s accessories. What are men’s ? Tie, lighter and a fine purse. 6. accommodate v. 提供膳宿> How can a small town ~ the Olympic Games? 7. addict v. 上瘾 >I’m ~ed tocomputer games. Please save me! 8. acquaint v. 使熟悉 > Are you ~ed with that MM? 9. adhere to v. 遵守 >Adhere to your own principle 10. adverse a. 不利的, 有害的 >Adverse circumstances can test a person’s wisdom and courage. 11. aggravate v. 加重 >Smoking ~s cold. 12. alleviate v. 减轻 >No one can ~ my pain. 13. alternate v./a 交替(的) >a day of ~ sunshine and rain /Day and night ~ 14. ambiguous a. 歧义的 >The policeman is looking fora man with one eye. -----Why not use two? 你知道此幽默在何处? 15. amplify v. 扩大(声音)> 16. analogy n. 类比 by analogy 17. anonymous a. 匿名的 I received an ~ letter. 18. applaud v. 鼓掌; 赞许> I ~ your suggestion. 19. apt a. 易于 >One is ~ to make mistakes if given too much pressure. 20. array n. 陈列, 一系列>the ~of fruit and vegetables in the supermarket

21. arrogant a. 傲慢的> An ~ man is a self-importantperson. 22. ascend v. 上升 > The balloons are ~ing. 23. ascribe v. 归因于>He ~d his failure to hissmall vocabulary. 24. aspiration n. 抱负 Your ~ is your ambition or strongwish. 25. assault n. 攻击, 袭击>A robber ~ed him. 26. assert v. 断言 He ~ed that the thief would comeagain. 27. assurance n. 保证, 把握 >I give you my ~ that the product is safe and reliable. 28. attendant n. 服务员, 随从 29. authentic a. 真实的, 可靠的>Is Clinton’s biography ~? 30. avert v. 避开、转移 We ~ed a loss . 31. bald a. 秃顶的 A ~ man is considered to be intelligent. 32. barren a. 荒芜的,不能生育的>Without dream, life is a ~ field. 33. betray v. 背叛; 泄露 You ~ed me. 34. bewilder v. 使迷惑 The new traffic lights ~ theman. 35. bias n. 偏见 Bias is prejudice. 36. blaze v. 燃烧; 发强光 >Thesummer sun is blazing. 37. bleak a. 荒凉的; 凄凉的>a ~future 38. blink v. 眨眼睛; 闪烁 > 39. blunder n. 大错 40. bluntly ad. 直言不讳地 41. blur v. 变模糊 >Fog blurred my vision. 42. bribe v. 行贿 >Who bribed the bride? Bridegroom. 43. browse v. 浏览 ~ a web-page 44. brutal a. 残酷的=cruel/savage/

45. capsule n. 密封仓, 胶囊 46. carve v. 刻 47. casualty n. 伤亡人员 Many casualties are reported inthe battle. 48. cater to v. 迎合 > cater to the consumers 49. caution n. 小心 50. cherish v. 珍视; 怀有>~friendship/~ the hope that 51. chronic a. 慢性的;严重的 52. circulation n. 循环; 发行(量)>Reader has the largest ~ in China. 53. climax n. 高潮 the ~ of the play 54. cling to v. 紧紧抓住, 依恋;坚持,墨守>The baby clung to his mother./ ~ to the hope that.... 55. coincidence n. 巧合 56. collaboration n. 合作 in ~ with 57. collide v. 相撞; 冲突 The two opinions ~ with each other. 58. commence v. 开始 59. commute v. 乘车上下班 >I have to ~ between theuniversity town and the downtown area. 60. compact a. 紧凑的, 结实的 a ~ car/office 61. compatible a. 相容的; 兼容的>That husband and wife are very ~. 62. compensate v. 赔偿 >The insurance company ~d theman for his injuries. 63. compile v. 汇编, 编辑 ~ a encyclopedia 64. complement v. 补充,与。。相配 The music ~s the filmwell. 。 65. compliment v. /n. 赞美

66. comply with v. 遵从 67. compulsory a. 必做的 ~ education 68. conceive of v. 构想 I can’t ~ of why he did such a stupidthing! 69. confidential a. 机密的 70. confrom to v. 遵守 ~ to the local customs 71. consensus n. 意见一致> If everyone consents tosomething, they reach a consensus. 72. consequent a. (作为后果) 随之发生的 lack of electricity and the ~ loss in economy 73. conserve v. 保护,Ifyou conserve something, youuse it carefully and will not wasteit.>In winter some people ~ energy bylowering the heat at night. 74. consolidate v. 巩固 75. conspicuous a. 显眼的 The girl in red in the snowfield is very ~. 76. contaminate v. 污染 If you ~ something, you make itdirty. 77. contemplate v. 沉思; 凝视 >You must ~ the results of the action. 78. contempt n. 轻视 >Before the competition,Williams held the little known player in contempt. 79. contend v. 主张=assert > The lawyer contendsthat the man is guilty. 80. contradict v. 相矛盾 81. contrive v. 谋划, 图谋>The terrorists ~d to hijack a plane. 82. converge v. 会合, 聚集 (meet at a common point) The two rivers converge here. 83. cordial a. 热情的 84. corrupt a./v. 腐败的; 腐蚀 ~ officials 85. cozy a. 舒适的 a ~ bedroom 86. counterpart n. 对应的人或物

87. criterion n. 标准 =standard 88. curb v. 控制, 约束=restrain/restrict/> I my curbed my appetite for food. 89. cynical a. 愤世嫉俗的> a ~ young man is a angryyoung man 90. dazzle v. 眩目;使赞叹不已> The sunlight dazzles me./Her dance ~d me. 91. deduce v. 推断 92. dedicate v. 献给 93. defendant n. 被告 94. deficiency n. 缺乏, 不足 a vitamin ~ in his diet 95. defy v.(公然) 违抗 The uniondefied the management and went on a strike. 96. degenerate v. 退化 97. degrade v. 降低身份 98. deprive v. 剥夺 You ~d him of his right toprivacy. 99. descendant n. 后代 100. destiny n. 命运=fate 101. destructive a. 破坏性的 The weapon has a great ~ power. 102. deteriorate v. 恶化 His health has ~d. 103. deviate from v. 偏离 He ~d from the society bybecoming a drug addict. 104. dignity n. 尊严 105. dilemma n. 困境 A doctor’s ~ ----- to lie or to tell thetruth? 106. diminish v. 变少 107. disable v. 丧失能力 108. disastrous a. 灾难性的 109. discern v. 看出, 识别 ~ the differences of the two

110. dispatch v. 派遣;发送> ~ a representative/ message 111. disperse v. 分散,消散,驱散~ my attention/ The wind ~dthe fog. The children ~d after the class. 112. disposition n. 性情=temperament 113. distort v. 歪曲 114. divert v. 转移, 使转向> A loud noise diverted my attention from the work. 115. dizzy a. 头晕的 116. donate v. 捐献>Have you ~d blood? 117. doom v./ n. 注定; 劫数>He is doomed to failure. 118. drastic a. 严厉的 ~ measures 119. drawback n. 缺点=disadvantage> One of the ~s ofliving in the XIASHA is inconvenience in daily life. 120. duplicate v. /n. 复制 (品) make a ~ of the letter 121. dwell on v. 总是想;详述 Don’t ~ on the past. 122. elevate v. 提高;抬升 An elevator can ~ to the top floor very soon. 123. elicit v. 诱出, 引出 ~ the truth from the witness 124. eligible a. 合适的,有资格的 =qualified >John is an ~bachelor. 125. elite n. 精英 126. eloquent a. 雄辩的 Martin Luther King was an ~speaker. 127. energetic a. 精力充沛的=vigorous 128. epidemic n./a. 流行病; 流行性的 Sars, the bird’s flu. 129. erupt v. 喷发 A volcano ~s. /The audience ~edwith laughter. 130. essence n. 实质; 精华 the ~ of his theory/ in ~

131. eternal a. 永久的=perpetual/permanent/forever 132. evoke v. 唤起,引起 =elicit> The song ~d a feelingof love in the listeners. 133. expedition n. 远征(队);考察(队) 134. expel v. 开除,驱逐=dismiss; ~ the trouble-makingstudent 排出=emit>expelthe smoke in the kitchen 135. expire v. 期满 Your passport ~s in a month. 136. expertise n. 专门知识 137. explicit a. 明确的 His statement is ~, not implicit. 138. extravagant a. 奢侈的; 过度的>You’re ~ while I’m thrifty. 139. fabricate v. 捏造=make up/fake >The man’s statement is `~d. 140. facilitate a. 使便利 The multi-languages signs ~ thetourists 141. fascinate v. 迷住 I’m ~d by the beauty of Li jiang and Da li. 142. feeble a. 虚弱的=weak/faint 143. flaw n. 缺陷 I can’t find a ~ ,the painting is perfect 144. fluctuate n. 波动 145. fromulate v. 构想 146. foster a. 培养 =develop/nurture/cultivate/领养> ~ a child 147. fragile a. 易碎的;脆弱的 148. furious a. 暴怒的 149. glamour n. 魅力 >The ~ of old town, such asLiJiang, Dali. 150. glitter v. 闪光 =sparkle >All that ~s is notgold. 151. gloomy a. 忧郁的;阴暗的 a ~ day/future 152. gossip n./ v. 流言; 说长道短> Gossips are like rumors.

153. grief n. 悲伤 =sorrow 154. hamper v. 妨碍=hinder> Rescue work washampered by the heavy rain. 155. handicap n./v. 缺陷,残疾; 妨碍>He survived the accident, buthas a ~ now. 156. haul a. (用力) 拖; (用车)托运 157. haunt v. 萦绕于心 He was ~ed by the terriblescene. 158. hinder v. 阻碍 No difficulties can ~ me. 159. hoist v. 升起, 吊起 160. homogeneous a. 同质的 >The population of Japanis ~. 161. hospitality n. 好客 162. immerse v. 沉浸于 She ~d herself in English. 163. implicit a. 内含的;含蓄的> If it is ~, it is implied 164. impulse n. 冲动 165. incidence a. 发生率 166. indignant a. 愤怒的 167. infectious a. 传染的 168. ingenious a. (人)灵巧的; (设计等)巧妙的 ~handicraftsman 169. inherent a. 固有的 the ~ defects of planned-economy 170. initiate v. 开始;发起 ~ a new plan 171. integral a. 构成整体所必须的;不可缺的 Rice is an ~ part ofChinese diet. 172. intelligible a. 明白易懂的 173. intensify v. 加剧 The noise intensified. 174. intermittent a. 断断续续 the ~ rain showers

175. intimidate v. 恐吓 176. intricate a. 错综复杂的 177. intrinsic a. 固有的 ~ value 178. intuition n. 直觉 Your ~ is your sixth sense. 179. invalid a. 无效的 an ~ license 180. invariably ad. 不变地; 始终 181. irritate v. 使恼怒 =annoy 182. jeopardize v. 危及=endanger>You ~ your job bybeing late often. 183. junk n. 废物 ~ food 184. kidnap v. 绑架 185. legend n. 传奇 186. legitimate a. 合法的 =legal/lawful 187. liability n. 责任;=legal obligation 不利条件=drawback 188. literacy n. 读写能力 189. literally ad. 逐字地; 确实地 190. litter v. 乱扔 No littering! 191. magnify v. 放大,扩大> ~ the photo 192. manifest v. 显示,表明 The illness ~s itself with ahigh fever. 193. marginal a. 微小的 194. masculine a. 男性的 195. mediate v. 调解 He ~d in a salary dispute betweenthe union and the management. 196. merge a. 合并

197. migrate v. 迁徙; 移居> Birds migrate with seasons 198. mingle v 混合 199. mobilize v. 动员 200. naïve a. 天真的=innocent 201. negligible a. 可以忽略不计的 the ~ cost 202. norm n. 标准 reach the ~ 203. notable a. 著名的 204. notorious a. 臭名昭著的 If one has a scandal, hebecomes ~ 205. nourish v. 养育 206. obedient a. 顺从的 If you are ready to obey orders,you are ~ 207. obscure a. 费解的,模糊不清的;不著名的>Is the sentencestill ~ to you?/ His name was ~3 years ago. 208. odor n. 气味 I smelt a strange ~. 209. offset v. 抵消 =compensate for 210. optimum a. 最佳的 211. orient v. 使适应 ~ oneself to 212. overwhelm v. (感情上)使受不了;压倒 >be ~edwith sadness/~ majority 213. paradox n. 自相矛盾=contradiction 214. participant n. 参加者 215. patent n. 专利 216. patrol v./n. 巡逻 217. patriotic a. 爱国的 218. pave v. 铺路 ~ the way for women’s Lib

219. permeate v. 弥漫; 渗透 A bad smell ~s the building./Water ~d all the books in the room. 220. perpetual a. 永久的 221. pertinent a. 有关的 =relevant>skills ~ to theprofession 222. plead v. 恳求;(法庭)申诉 223. ponder v. 思考 She ~ed his marriage proposal fora week. 224. portray v. 描绘=describe/depict 225. precede v. 先于 226. precedent n. 先例 227. preclude n. 阻止 (from) 228. predecessor n. 前任 229. predominant a. 主导的 230. premise n. 前提 >your ~ is wrong. 231. prescription n. 处方 232. prestige n. 威望> enjoy high ~ 233. prevalent a. 流行的 234. prey n. 捕获物 235. probe v. 探究>~ a matter to the bottom 236. proficiency n. 熟练 237. profound a. 深刻的; 深奥的 238. prolong v. 延长 239. prospective a. 预期的,未来的 >his ~ father-in-law 240. provocative a. 挑衅的>His ~ language provokedPeter

241. random a. 随意的 at ~ 242. reap v. 收获 =harvest>reap crops 243. reassure v. 使放心 244. reconcile v. 使和解 245. rectify v. 纠正 246. refrain from v. 抑制 247. refute v. 驳倒 248. remainder n. 剩余的部分 249. repel v. 使厌恶;击退;排斥>The odor ~s me./The odor can ~mosquito. 250. reproach v. 责备=blame 251. resemblance v. 相似 252. resent v. 怨恨 >He resented being called hisnickname. 253. retort v. 反驳 254. retrieve v. 取回(get back, bring back) 255. reunion n. 团聚=get-together>an occasion forfamily ~ 256. revelation n. 揭示 257. revive v. 使复苏>~ economy 258. rigorous a. 严格的 ~ training for doctors 259. rip v. 撕裂 260. ritual n. 仪式=ceremony/routine>His morning ~is to make coffee, take a shower and have breakfast. 261. robust a. 健壮的 262. rot v. 腐烂 =decay

263. safeguard v. 保护 264. savage a. 野蛮的 =not civilized 265. scent n. 香味 The scent of women(Oscar 影片) 266. scrutiny n. 细看 267. setback n. 挫折 268. shatter v. 使粉碎> It shattered my dream. 269. simulate v. 模拟 270. skeptical a. 怀疑的 271. slack a. 松弛的 272. sneak v. 溜;偷偷地做 273. sober a. 未醉的> I’m ~ enough. 274. specifications n. 规格,说明书 275. spectacle n. 景象,大观 276. spectator n. 旁观者 277. spontaneous a. 自发的 278. stability n. 稳定 279. stagger v. 蹒跚 280. stationary a. 固定的 281. stimulus n. 刺激 282. straightforward a. 坦率的 a ~ reply 283. stubborn a. 倔强的 284. stumble v. 绊倒 285. subordinate a. 从属的

286. subscribe to v. 订阅 287. subsidy n. 补贴 288. subtle a. 微妙的>the ~ difference of the twowords 289. supervise v. 监督 290. suppress v. 镇压; 抑制 291. tangle with v. 争吵, 纠葛 292. tariff n. 关税 293. tease v. 取笑 294. temperament n. 气质 295. tempt v. 引诱 296. tentative a. 试探的 297. terminate v. 终止 298. texture n. 质地 299. threshold n. 开端 on the ~ of (即将开始) 300. timid a. 胆小的 301. tolerant a. 宽容的 302. toss v. 抛,甩 303. tow v. 拖 304. toxic a. 有毒的=poisonous 305. trait n. 特点, 特性 personality ~ 306. transaction n. 交易 307. transit n. 运输 308. transition n. 过渡, 转变

309. transplant v./n. 移植 310. trivial a. 琐碎的 311. tumble v. 跌到,翻滚(stumble 绊倒) 312. turbulent a. 混乱的 313. unanimous a. 一致的 314. underestimate v. 低估 315. undermine v. 暗中破坏 316. undergo v. 经历 ~ great changes 317. underlying a. 潜在的 318. uphold v. 支持 ~ world peace 319. vent n.. 排放口 give ~ to(发泄) 320. verge n. 边缘 =brink> on the verge ofbankruptcy 321. versatile a. 多才多艺的 322. vicinity n. 附近 in the ~ 323. visa n. 签证 324. visualize v. 设想 325. vulgar a. 粗俗的 326. vulnerable a. 易受伤的 327. warfare n. 战争 328. warrant n. 授权令;理由>The policeman has a ~ toarrest you. 329. weary a. 疲劳的 330. wrinkle v. 起皱 331. accelerate v. 加速

332. accessible a. 可接近的,可进入的 333. acknowledge v. 感谢 334. acquire v. 学会 335. address v. 向。。讲话 。 336. alert a. 活跃的 b. 机警的 c. 外国的 337. allege a. 推断 b. 断言 c. 联合 338. allocate a. 准许 b. 位于 c. 分配 339. appeal v. 有吸引力 340. applicable a. 适用的 341. assess v. 估价 342. assumption n. 假定 343. successor n. 继任者 344. bond n. 联系 345. bounce v. 反弹 346. breed v. 培育 347. bump into v. 碰见 348. campaign n. 运动 349. category n. 种类 350. cease n. 停止 351. chaos n. 混乱 352. component n. 部件 353. confess v. 坦白 354. constitute v. 构成

355. consistent a. 一致的 356. consultant n. 顾问 357. controversial a. 有争议的 358. convert v. 转变>convert the hotel into aapartment building 359. defect n. 缺陷 360. deliberate a. 故意的 =on purpose 361. depress v. 使沮丧 362. detect v. 发现 363. descend v. 下降 364. dim a. 昏暗的 365. disguise v. 化装 366. dispose of v. 去掉; 处理 367. distress n. /v. 痛苦 368. diverse a. 多样的 369. document v. 证明 370. dominate v. 支配 371. drain v. 排走;耗尽 372. discard v. 丢弃 Don’t ~ the drink cans carelessly. 373. exaggerate v. 夸大 374. rival n. 对手=opponent 375. exploit v. 利用 376. external a. 外在的 377. extinguish v. 熄灭

378. feasible a. 可行的 379. fertile a. 肥沃的 380. flourish v. 茂盛, 繁荣 381. fragment n. 碎片 382. furnish v. 提供,配置=provide>He furnished mewith a lot of useful infromation. 383. genuine a. 真的 384. grope v. 摸索 385. harbor v. 心怀 386. harmony n. 和谐 387. hollow a. 空的, 中空的 388. hostile a. 敌视的 389. illusion n. 幻想 390. imaginary a. 虚构的 391. ignite v. 点燃 392. impetus n. 推动 393. immune a. 免疫的 394. incentive n. 刺激 395. indulge v. 沉溺于 ~ oneself in 396. induce v. 引起; 诱导 397. ingredient n. 配料 the ~s of pizza 398. initiative n. 主动性 > You should take the ~. 399. intimate a. 亲密的 400. intervene v.干预

401. liable to a. 易于 = be apt to/be prone to 402. liberal a. 自由的 403. linger v. 继续逗留;留恋>They lingered in thebeautiful town. 404. mature a. 成熟的 405. moderate a. 适度的 ~ physical exercises 406. motivate v. .激励 A desire to pass Band 6 ~s her towork hard. 407. multiply v. 繁殖 408. overall a. 总体的 an ~ impression 409. perceive v. 感知 410. prevail over v . 胜过 411. prime n. 壮年 He died in the ~ of his life. 412. priority n. 优先权 give ~ to 413. prominent a. 突出的, 杰出的=distinguished 414. prone to a. 易于 415. prosperity n. 繁荣 416. reckless a. 卤莽的 417. relevant a. 有关的 418. remedy n. 治疗法 419. resistant a. 抵抗的 420. respective a. 分别的 421. resume v. 重新开始 422. scandal n. 丑闻 423. scatter v. .驱散

424. sentiment n. 感情 425. severe a. 严重的 ~ wound 426. shield v. 保护 427. simultaneously a. 同时地 428. sole a. 唯一的 429. sponsor n. 赞助者 430. startle v. 惊吓 431. stray v. 走失 432. substantial a. 可观的,大量的=considerable> asubstantial income 433. sufficient a. 充分的 434. supplement v./n. 补充>He ~ed his income by taking apart-time job. 435. testify v. 作证 436. trigger v. 引发 ~ a debate/war 437. swing v. 摇摆 438. universal a. 普遍的 439. utilize v. 利用 440. variation n. 变动> the ~ in temperature 441. virtually ad. 实际上 442. wretched a. 难过的 443. flexible a. 灵活的 The dancer’s body is very ~. 444. facet n. 侧面 a ~ of American life

445. endeavor v. /n. 努力 446. elaborate a. 精心的 447. crude a. 未加工的 ~ oil 448. preach v. 说教 449. strive v. 力求 ~ for freedom 450. punctual a. 守时的>He is a ~ man. 451. harness v. 治理 ~ a river 452. integrity n. 诚实;完整 453. submit to v. 屈服=yield to 454. launch v. 发起 455. striking a. 显著的 456. instinct n. 本能 457. maintenance n. 保养 458. scrape v. 刮,擦 459. sensible a. 合情理的 460. eliminate v. 去除 461. propel v. 推动 462. pledge n. 保证 463. label n. 标签 464. justify v. 使…有正当理由 465. initiate v. 创始 466. stereotype n. 陈规,固定的看法 467. identify…with v. 使等同

468. convey v. 传达 469. collapse v. 坍塌 470. affection n. 喜爱 471. yield v. 结出 472. promising a. 有希望的 473. publicity n. 公众的注意 474. hazard n. 危险 475. forge v. 伪造 ~ a famous painter’s signature 476. concession n. 让步 477. submerge v. 淹没 478. imperative a. 必要的 479. elapse v. 逝去 480. confine v. 限制 481. thrive v. 繁荣=prosper 482. resort to v. 诉诸于 483. sustain v. 维持=support 484. highlight v. 使突出 n. 最精彩的部分 485. massive a. 大量的; 大而重的 486. mask v. 掩饰 487. restore v. 恢复 488. restraint n. 约束 489. scope n. 范围 490. seemingly ad. 表面上

491. speculate v. 猜测 492. steep a. 陡的 493. summon v. 唤起 How can I ~ up his courage? 494. shift v. 移动;转变 ~ responsibility on to others 495. transient a. 短暂的 496. prompt a. 迅速的 497. impart v. 传授 498. embody v. 体现 499. confront v. 面对 500.triumph n. 胜利 !



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