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人教新课标必修五Unit5-Language points_图文

人教课标 高二 必修 5 Unit 5

1.一种暂时的帮助形式 a temporary form of help ? temporarily adv. 暂时地;临时地 fall ill 2.生病 ? temporariness n. 临时;暂时
3. 受伤 4. 如果可能 get injured

do possible injury if sb. an happen to a little girl 5.发生在小女孩身上 = do an injury to sb.
6. 烧伤急救 7.阻止…做… 8.触感 9. 被烧伤 10. 在治疗烧伤时 first aid for 伤害某人 burns prevent … from a sense of touch get burned in the treatment of burns

11. 各种各样的东西
12. 取决于 13. 电击 14. 引起严重的伤害 15. 如果有必要

a variety of things
depend on electric shock cause severe injuries if necessary

16. 粘在…
17. 把…挤出来 18. 一次又一次 19. 打针,注射 20. 用…覆盖住烧伤区域

stick to
squeeze…out over and over again get injected cover the burned area

21. 合适地

in place

1. aid

n. & vt. 帮助; 援助; 资助 first aid 急救

帮助某人做某事 aid sb. to do sth. 在……的帮助下 with the aid of … 为帮助… in aid of … 对…进行急救 do\give\offer first aid to sb. 1. We are collecting money _______________ the people who in aid of have lost their homes in the earthquake. With the aid of 2. ___________________ his family, he finally managed to realize his dream.
3. He pulled the drowning man from the water and did first aid to ______________________ him.

2. fall ill


流感爆发时同学们都生病了。 The students fall ill when the flu breaks out. fell ill The teacher ____________ suddenly while she was giving has been ill class. Since then she ____________ for half a year.


fall asleep
fall off + … fall behind fall to pieces

落后 崩溃

3. hurt wound injure harm 辨析

hurt 1. You’ll ____________ her feelings if you forget her birthday 2. The soldier ____________________ in the arm. was wounded 3. Last night a terrible storm hit the area and many were injured people_______________. 4. My stomach ____________ because I have eaten hurts too many apples. harm 5. Getting up early won’t __________ your health.
hurt 肉体或精神伤害 injure 意外或事故 wound 暴力或武器造成伤害 harm 心理,健康事业等受到损害

4. bleed- bled – bled bleed for
流血而死 bleed to death

n. blood

为 ...... 流血(伤心) 对 ...... 表示同情

My heart bleeds for the victims of the air crash.

He __________ when he had lunch. choked choke to death 哽死

1. As he drank more and more beer, his stomach became ___________. swollen 2. He doesn’t want to learn English, unbearable which is very___________.

3. He was so fat that he could only just squeeze ___________ through the door.

列句子。 poisoning 1. Waste gases are ___________ the air of our cities.

2. The leaves of certain tress are
___________ to cattle. poisonous

1. So as you can imagine, if your skin gets burned,
it can be very serious. 正如你所看到的,这些农田如果保护不当迟早会 变成沙漠。 As you can see, if they are not properly protected, the farmlands will become desserts sooner or later.

2. Remove clothing using scissors if necessary unless it is stuck to the burn. 【仿写】 Unless someone is against the ___________________________ plan, we’ll put it into practice ___________________________________

immediately. __________
(除非有人反对,否则我们将立刻执行 这个计划。)

3. Hold the bandage in place with tape.
1). Her room is very clean and tidy. She always puts everything in place.

2). I think what you said is not in place. You should make an apology to him. 3). The arrangements for the evening part this Sunday are not in place.
1. 在适当的位置 2. 适当的,合适的 3. 准备妥当

【小试】 选用以上短语的适当形式完成下列句子。 1. 我希望你把自己所有的书都在课桌上放

I hope you can put all your books in place ________ on the desk.

2. 运动会已经准备就绪,后天就要举行

The arrangements for the sports meet
are __________ and it is going to in place __________ the day after tomorrow. take place

III. 根据括号内所给的提示将下列 句子翻译成英语。 1. 他被年轻人挤出了人才市场。(squeeze out of) He was squeezed out of the job market by young people. 2. 我一次又一次地警告过你不要再做那么 傻的事。 (over and over again) I’ve warned you over and over again not to do such silly things.

3. 用胶带固定好绷带。 (in place)
Hold the bandage in place with tape. 4. 风暴对庄稼没造成多大的破坏。(do damage to)

The storm didn’t do much damage to
the crops.

5. 坚持做完一件事。 (stick to) Stick to a task until it is finished. 6. 正是那个护士的快速反应和急救知识 挽救了男孩的生命。
It was the nurse’s quick action and knowledge of first aid that saved the boy.

1. She gave _____ (急救) to the child aid when he was cut by a knife . temporary 2. He has a ___________ (暂时的) house, for he can’t afford a flat. 3. You should not _______ (生病) if you fall ill do exercise.

injury 4. She has a serious ______ (损伤) because
she has an accident. poison 5. They decided to _______ (毒杀) the tiger but failed.

I. 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。

1. There are over 115 different kinds of poisonous _________ (poison) snakes in Australia. 2. Doctors in that hospital are developing a
new _________ (treat) for cancer. treatment

3. He is a _____ (mildly) person who never mild

4. This machine has an ____________ electrical (electric) fault. 5. His face was ________ (swell) up with swollen toothache. 6. If he _______ (blood) too much, his life bleeds will be in danger. 7. His foot was burned by hot water and there were several ________ (water) watery blisters on it.

II. 根据句意, 选择适当的单词或短语

1. protect; defend protect a. Taking an umbrella can _______ you from rain. b. Schools should give children lessons on

protect / defend how to ________________ themselves.

2. wound; injure; hurt hurt / injured a. She was badly _____________ when she fell off her bike. b. His leg _____ when he walks. hurts

c. The soldier got a serious ______ in the wound

3. insist on; stick to a. Once a decision has been made, all of us should _______ it. stick to

b. They ___________ leaving that day. insisted on
c. He always ________ his promise. sticks to

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