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必修4 unit2 working the land reading

By Li Shen


Farmers weeding at noon, Sweat down the field soon. Who knows food on a tray,

Due to their toiling day.

Warming up

A poem

Farmers weeding at noon,

Sweat down the field soon. Who knows food on a tray,
Due to their toiling day.

1.Have you ever grown any plants? If so, what did you do to grow them? If not, what kind of plant would you like to grow? How will you grow it?

What do you know about “farming”?




Staple food


select the weeds

plough the soil

farming steps

turn over the soil

sow the seeds

remove the weeds



What is the main food in all East Asian and Southeast Asian countries?

Rice. It is said that there are 2.4 billion people to eat rice every day throughout the world.

If there was no rice one day, what would happen?


In the late 1990s, Brown, an American scholar, came up with the theory of Chinese Menace(威胁), which said that in the 2030s, Chinese population will add up to 1.6 billion, and had the question who would feed the large population in China as well as in the world.

Just at that time, a Chinese scientist declared to the world that China can solve the problem by himself and help to solve the same problem in the world.

Father of Hybrid Rice




What kind of person is Dr Yuan Longping in your mind?




Task 1 Skimming

How can he solve this problem?

Super Hybrid Rice

Super Hybrid Rice

the rice that has a high output

That’s how he regards himself.

Task 2 Scanning

Find out the main idea of each paragraph.

Match the following headings with the right paragraphs.

Para1 Para2 Para3 Para4

A. Dr Yuan’s dreams. B. Dr Yuan’s personality. C. Dr Yuan’s biography. D. Dr Yuan’s appearance and his achievement.

Task 3 Careful reading
Para. 1 Dr Yuan’s appearance and his achievement

Q1: What does Dr Yuan look like?
He has a sunburnt face and arms and a slim, strong body. He is more like a farmer than a scientist.

Q2: What is his achievement?

He grows what is called super hybrid rice, which makes it possible to produce one-third more of the crop in the same fields. True or False:
1.Dr Yuan is more a farmer than a scientist.


2.Dr Yuan’s kind of rice is the most suitable for China’s farmland.


Para 2
Time 1930 1953

His biography

Born in Beijing
Southwest Agriculture College

As a young Hunger was a great problem man Saw the great need for increasing the rice output Last year 200 million tons produced now

Circulating his knowledge


?Put Dr Yuan’s biography in right order.

a. He was born into a poor farmer’s family . b. He graduated from Southwest Agriculture college. c. In 1950,Chinese farmers produced fifty million tons of rice. d. 2 billon tons of rice was produced by growing his hybrid rice. e. He searched a way to increase rice outputs without expanding the area of fields.

f. He helps rid the world of hunger by circulating his knowledge in less developed countries.
Proper order: a






Para. 3 Dr Yuan’s personality Which of the following description about Dr Yuan’s personality is not true? A. He is satisfied with his life because he is now rich and famous. B. He cares little about money and fame. C. He would rather work than lead a comfortable life. D. He enjoys a simpler life than most rich and famous people.

Para 4
1.What does “Wishing for things, however, costs nothing.” mean?
Dreams are free and everybody can have ideas about what they would like their future life to be.

2.Dr Yuan has dreams not only when he is awake but also when he is______. asleep _____

His dreams


1) The first dream
2) The second dream

Produce a kind of rice that could feed more people

?The first dream

? As tall as sorghum ? As big as a corn ? As huge as a peanut

To export his rice so that it can be grown all over the world

Revision. (personal information)
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Name: Nationality: Age: Occupation: Education: Dream: Achievements:

? Hobbies:

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Personal information (Resume) Name: Yuan Longping Nationality: Chinese Birth: in 1930; in a poor family Age: 77 Occupation: Scientist of farming Education:Southwest Agriculture College,in 1953 Personality: care little about money and fame Dreams: His first dream His second dream

Personal information
grow rice that has a high output


circulate his knowledge abroad give money to equip others for their research

playing his violin listening to violin music playing mah-jong swimming riding his motorcycle to his rice fields


intelligent hard-working confident



determined energetic


similarities & differences between Dr Yuan Longping and Jane Goodall

1. They spend their lifetime on their researches. 2. They make great contributions to mankind and the whole world. 3. They have their dreams and make great efforts to make them true. 4. They both lead a busy life. 5. They love their work with their pure love. 6. They’re selfless and seldom think of themselves. 7. During the work, they never give up but just keep on, so they’re determined.

. . .

1.They have been doing their researches in different fields. 2. They have different ways of working. 3. Their receiving education is different. 4. The difficulty in working is different for different sexes. 5. They two got different results of researches. 6. They hold their different dreams. . . .

facts about Yuan’s super hybrid rice
capacity can produce 1/3 more of the crop in the same fields; more than 60%of the (能力) rice in China from this hybrid strain Applica- besides China, knowledge being circulated in India, Vietnam and other tion less developed countries to increase (应用) their rice harvest rice harvests being produced twice as Contribu large; 22% of people fed from just 7% of the farmland in China; the UN -tion ridding the world of hunger future

the rice being grown all over the world

T or F
1 Dr Yuan is more a farmer than a scientist. 2 Dr Yuan’s rice is one of the most suitable ways for China’s farmland. 3 Dr Yuan would rather work than relax. 4 Dr Yuan has dreams when he is asleep and also when he is awake. 5 Dr Yuan enjoys a simpler life than most rich and famous people.

1. work
vt. 耕种(土地); 使工作; 开动; 创造(奇迹);

vi. 工作; (机器等)开动; (办法、计划等)行得通 work the land=grow crops on it 耕耘土地 He works a big farm. 他经营着一个大的农场。 They are working the land together. I don’t think that your suggestion will work.

2. This special strain of rice makes it possible to produce one-third more of the crop in the same fields. 这种特殊的稻种使得同样的田地多收获 三分之一的产量。 it 在句中作形式宾语, 真正的宾语为to produce…, 结构为: 动词(make, feel, think, regard…)+it +adj+ to do. e.g. We think it important to learn English well.

3. Born in a poor farmer’s family in 1931, Dr. Yuan graduate from Southwest Agriculture College in 1953. 袁博士1931年出身于一个贫苦农民的家庭, 1953年毕业于西南农学院。

graduate n. 毕业生 undergraduate 本科毕业生 post-graduate 硕士毕业生, 研究生

graduate vi. 常跟介词from, 表示“毕业于”

graduation n. 毕业
e.g. After his graduation from college, he went to work as an engineer in a company. =After he graduated from college, he went to work as an engineer in a company. bachelor’s degree master’s degree doctor’s degree 学士学位 硕士学位 博士学位

4. Dr. Yuan searched for a way to increase rice harvests without expanding the area of fields. 袁博士寻求一种在不扩大种植面积的情况下 提高水稻产量的方法。 1)search 强调搜查, 一般表示目标明确范围较小。 search sb. 搜身; search pl 搜查某地 search for 强调寻找, 一般表示范围较大。 search for sb 寻找某人 The police searched the woods for the lost child. Scientists are still searching for a cure to the common cold.

search/search for/in search of to search ①The officer went up _____________ the murder. searching for ②The thieves are _________________ the hidden treasure in the museum. ③Birds fly to the south ______________ in search of

the winter sunshine.

6. circulate v. 循环, 交流 circulation n. e.g. Rumors circulated quickly. The blood circulates around the body.

7. Using his hybrid rice farmers are producing harvests twice as large as before.

用他的杂交水稻种子, 农民们种出比以前多 一倍的粮食。 倍数词(twice/half/three times/a quarter etc.) +as + 形容词原级 +as …表示“是…的多少倍”。 e.g. The number of the students in our school twice as large as that is ______________________ in their school. 我们学校学生的数量是他们学校的两倍。


(1) 倍数 + 形容词/副词的比较级 + than...
(2) 倍数 + as +形容词/副词的原级 + as...

(3) 倍数 + the + 名词+ of...
This building is five times higher than that one.

This building is five times as high as that one. 这座楼是那座楼的五倍高。

This building is five times the height of that one. 这座楼是那座楼的五倍高。 The new building is four times the size of the old one. It is reported that the United States uses ___ energy as the whole of Europe. D A. as twice B. twice much C. twice much as D. twice as much

8. Indeed, he believes that a person with too much money has more, rather than fewer troubles. 1) too much 与much too的区别 too much通常位于动词之后,修饰动词,too 做much的状语, 后面也可接名词。 She does talk too much, doesn’t she? He has too much work to do. 而much too则常用在形容词或副词之前修饰 形容词或副词。

The dress is much too long for me.

I got into the taxi and drove much too fast.
我上了出租车, 并开得飞快。

2) rather than 而不是
Mary, rather than her roommates, is going to Beijing. 要去北京的是玛丽, 而不是她的室友们。

注意: rather than 连接两个名词或代 词作主语时,谓语动词应与rather than 前面的名词或代词在人称和 数上保持一致。 She ran rather than walked. 她跑着而不是走着。

He is a student rather than a worker. 他是学生, 不是工人。 They lost some books rather than money. 他们丢了一些书, 而不是钱。 I decided to write rather than (to) telephone. 我决定写信而不打电话。

What is happening to these people?


Even if Dr. Yuan’s dreams come true, can this really solve starvation?

If you had the chance to do something to help end hunger in the world, what would you do ?

preventing the pests from eating our crops improving the quality of the How to solve hunger? soil developing the technology to…

inventing a new kind of food…

making good use of the waste land

Homework :
finish the exercise

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