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高三英语二轮复习 第1部分 专题2 阅读七选五 训练2 说明文(Ⅱ)

训练 2 说明文(Ⅱ)
A (2016·济南模拟) “Helicopter parenting” describes a style of raising children where parents are over-protective and do too much.It describes parents who watch over their kids at home and on the playground like a helicopter.Today,modern technology allows these helicopter parents to watch over from even far away. 1 Julie Lythcott wrote a book titled Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kids for Success. In her book,she gives readers a closer look at this parenting style. 2 Julie Lythcott says she experienced the effects of“Helicopter parenting”first -hand when she worked as dean of first year students. 3 But many were unable to take care of themselves.They were turning to parents constantly for guidance, for problem solving,to have them make the choice about something. So what can parents do if they want to break the overparenting “helicopter” cycle? 4 ◆Stop saying “we” when you mean your son or your daughter.All too often a parent would say “we are on the travel soccer team”.Well,no,your son is or your daughter is. ◆ Stop arguing with all of the adults in our kids' lives.You need to teach your kids to advocate for themselves. ◆ Stop doing your kids' homework. ◆ 5 Teach them to cross the street,make a meal,and remember to put their own items in their backpacks,which becomes a briefcase one day. When kids have all the skills to take care of themselves,they will be prepared for adulthood. A. Four ways are offered to stop watching over your children. B.She also explains why parents should stop it. C.It's a good idea to encourage your kid to do the things he can by himself. D.They can give their children directions at any moment from anywhere. E.Build your kids' skills. F.The freshmen were very smart and accomplished on paper. G.Your kid is eager for more freedom,but should you give it to him? 本文是一篇说明文,介绍了当今社会的一种典型的教育方式——“直升机养育法”,即

父母过度保护孩子。作者在文中提出了解决这个问题的四个方法。 1.D [根据上文可知,“直升机养育法”描述的是一种教育孩子的方式,父母对孩子过
度保护并为孩子做得过多。现代的技术允许这些“直升机父母”在更远的距离也能监控他们 的孩子。D 项意为“他们能在任何时间任何地点引领孩子”,能够承接上文,并补充说明上 文提到的父母可以在远处监控孩子,符合题意。故选 D 项。]
2.B [根据本段内容可知,Julie Lythcott 写了一本名叫《挣脱溺爱陷阱和为你的孩 子的成功做准备》的书。在书中,Julie 让读者更深入地了解这种直升机式的教育模式。B 项“她也解释了为什么父母要停止这种溺爱”承接上文,符合题意。故选 B 项。]
3.F [根据上文可知,当 Julie 作为一年级学生的教务长时,她亲身体会到了“直升 机养育法”带来的影响。下文又说到但是很多人却无法照顾自己。F 项“这些新生非常聪明 而且能按时完成作业”能够联系上下文,并与下文形成合理的转折关系,符合语境。故选 F 项。]
4.A [根据下文可知,作者提出了四个解决“直升机养育法”问题的方法。A 项“有 四个可以让你不再过度保护孩子的方法”能够引出下文,符合题意。故选 A 项。]
5.E [根据本段内容可知,要教会孩子过马路、做饭、记得把自己的东西放在背包里。 E 项“培养孩子的技能”能概括本段内容,符合题意。故选 E 项。]
B (2016·青岛质量检测) Every year,thousands of students choose to study overseas. 6 The following steps may prove useful in their preparations to study overseas. ● Get to know your new home before you land in it. There is no substitute for good preparation. 7 Learning about the history, culture,tradition,language and even details such as food,music,transport,weather and social activities of your new host country are all important.Thanks to the Internet,most of this can be found at the click of a button. ●Pack using your head and your heart.
8 Whatever you bring,make sure that it will be something that you think might help your chances of succeeding.This includes practical items such as study materials,old class notes,favorite textbooks or pens and even the contact details of previous teachers.
●9 It is important to realize that while new and exciting things may be happening to you in your new environment , things and people back at home will also be changing.When you return home for a visit after a long period of time away,it is

possible to feel isolated and experience “reverse( 颠 倒 的 ) culture shock”.Therefore,with the ease and convenience of communicating via the Internet nowadays,there is no excuse not to keep in touch!
●Learn from all experiences. Value both your achievements and disappointments as learning experiences that can be applied to future situations in life.Don't ignore negative experiences. 10 A. Talk to your close friends and family about your thoughts,dreams and fears. B.Instead,learn from mistakes and turn them into opportunities for future improvement. C.It's not easy being practical when deciding what to pack. D.If you are fortunate enough to meet a foreigner,be sure to ask them as much information as possible. E.Keep in touch with your roots. F.At first thought,the task of preparing to begin life away from home can seem frightening. G.Arm yourself with background knowledge by researching information about the country you are going to. 本文是一篇说明文。文章针对出国留学前应做哪些准备提出了一些建议。 6.F [根据下文可知,本文是对出国留学前应做的准备提出了四条建议。由文章结构 可知,空格处应承接上文,引出下文中的四条建议。F 项“一开始,想到为离开家做准备似 乎是令人害怕的”,紧密联系上下文。故选 F。] 7.G [根据下文提到的“history”(历史),“culture”(文化),“tradition”(传统) 等可知,G 项“通过了解即将去往的国家的背景知识来武装自己”符合语境。故选 G。] 8.C [根据本段标题并结合下文内容可知,本段主要讲打包需要用心思考,带一些实 际有用的东西。C 项“在决定打包哪些东西的时候,选择实用的东西是不容易的”,能够引 起下文。故选 C。] 9.E [空格处为本段标题,根据文章结构可知,标题应为祈使句;且根据本段内容可 知,本段讲的是要与家乡的人保持联系。故选 E。] 10.B [根据本段标题及上文“Don't ignore negative experiences.”可知,空格处 应该讲从负面经验中也能学到东西。B 项“反而要从错误中学习,把它们转变成未来可以得 到提高的机会”与上文紧密联系。故选 B。]
【导学号:90892054】 C (2016·合肥教学质量检测)

Everybody knows the importance of drinking enough water.As we all know,drinking water benefits your skin,muscles and organs. 11
The major reason for that is related to human biological needs.When you're a baby,you're 75 percent water.Then,as the years get higher,you get drier. 12 It helps you lose weight,according to a study from the University of Birmingham.
The researchers found that drinking 500 ml of water thirty minutes before a meal helped participants lose 10 more pounds than those who did not. 13 All participants were advised to improve their diet and physical activity levels.84 overweight adults were involved.Among them 41 were told to “preload” with water, while 43 were told to control their water intake before eating.After 12 weeks, the participants instructed to “preload” with water lost 2.87 pounds more than those in the control group on average.In addition,the participants preloading with water before each of their three main meals every day lost 9.48 pounds over the 12 weeks. 14
Dr.Helen Parretti,a lecturer at the University of Birmingham,had this to say of the study: 15 Just drinking 500 ml of water,three times a day,before your main meals may help reduce your weight...and this could be an easy way for weight loss.Furthermore,it can be significant for an individual to lose extra weight, making a potential contribution to public health.
A. Another reason to drink water is right here. B.The study began with a weight management consultation. C.The beauty of these findings is that losing weight is simple. D.But not everyone can get access to tap water in some areas. E.It also helps prevent certain diseases and improve your mood. F.In contrast,those preloading once a day or never,lost just 1.76 pounds. G.So kids should drink more water instead of coke to keep healthy. 本文是一篇说明文。文章向我们说明了喝水的重要性。 11.E [根据上文“Everybody knows the importance of drinking enough water.As we all know,drinking water benefits your skin,muscles and organs.”可知,本段 主要是说喝水的重要性和对人体的益处。E 项进一步阐述了喝水的好处,承接上文。故选 E。] 12.A [根据上文“The major reason for that is related to human biological needs.”和下文“It helps you lose weight,according to a study from the University of Birmingham.”可知,此处是讲人需要喝水的两个原因。故选 A。] 13.B [本段主要讲的是研究者们所做的一个实验。B 项引起下文,进一步介绍实验的

细节,符合语境。故选 B。] 14.F [根据上文“In addition,the participants preloading with water before
each of their three main meals every day lost 9.48 pounds over the 12 weeks.” 可知,F 项“相反,那一天只有一次在饭前喝水和从不在饭前喝水的人只减了 1.76 磅”与 上文形成对比,突出了多在饭前喝水的好处,符合语境。故选 F。]
15.C [根据下文“Just drinking 500 ml of water,three times a day,before your main meals may help reduce your weight...”可知,减肥很简单,饭前喝水就可以。故 选 C。]
D (2016·合肥检测)
Our most common dreams Dreams have long confused us and their meanings can seem nearly impossible to understand.So we are always wondering: 16 Dreams can have complex meanings.But before we start explaining these dreams, there are a few things we should know: ●Understanding our dreams requires focusing on ourselves—no matter who else is showing up in them.
17 They're a visual picture of the dreamer's inner state.So after we see ourselves late to class in our dream,consider what being late means for us and go from there.
●We should take dream meaning literally(照字面地). Just as being nude in public means our body is exposed,a dream about it means we likely feel emotionally exposed.Maybe we're about to try something new or daring.If so,the fear is natural that we'll do nothing.A dream about falling might mean we feel like we're losing our balance emotionally. 18 Dreams won't mean the same thing for any two people,but they can be taken as starting points to think about our emotions. ●Our dream may represent a wish not an anxiety.
19 So if we can't locate an anxiety associated with our dream symbol,then think about our desires.If we're being chased in our dream,consider this: do you long to be pursued romantically,and feel unfulfilled in that way? 20
A. Is it important to explain dreams? B.What do our most common dreams really mean? C.Anxiety is often explained as a key to a bad dream.

D.Early theory held that dreams are our deepest wishes. E.Dreams describe what's going on in our life,nobody else's. F.That is the same with a failing or the beginning of depression. G.Similarly,a dream about taking a test could mean we'd like to show off our competency,at work or otherwise. 本文是一篇说明文。长时间以来梦一直困扰着人们,人们不能理解梦境的含义。如果想 了解梦的含义,首先要明白几个问题:把注意力集中在自己身上;照字面理解;梦或许代表 一种希望而非焦虑。 16 . B [ 根 据 前 一 句 中 的 “their meanings can seem nearly impossible to understand”及第二段第一句“Dreams can have complex meanings.”可知,人们不明白 梦的含义,因此空格处是在询问一些常见的梦究竟是什么含义。B 项符合语境。故选 B。] 17.E [根据上文中的“focusing on ourselves—no matter who else is showing up in them”可知,无论谁在梦中出现过,我们都需要把注意力集中在自己身上。此处解释原 因,因为梦描述的是做梦者自己的生活,而不是其他人的,与 E 项表述一致。故选 E。] 18.F [上文提到,摔倒的梦有可能意味着自己情绪上的失衡。F 项“这个梦也有可能 意味着失败或失望的开端”与上文衔接紧密,符合语境。故选 F。] 19.D [本段的主题句是“Our dream may represent a wish not an anxiety.”,即 梦代表的或许是一种希望而不是焦虑。D 项中的“dreams are our deepest wishes”与此 照应。故选 D。] 20 . G [ 上 文 解 释 了 梦 代 表 着 希 望 , 并 列 举 了 在 梦 中 被 追 赶 的 含 义 。 G 项 用 “Similarly”引出另一个例子,即梦见考试也代表了自己的一种希望,符合语境。故选 G。]
【导学号:90892055】 E (2016·南昌市模拟) How to become a better reader Language and literacy( 读 写 能 力 ) are among mankind's greatest inventions.Evolving and even dying over the course of human history,languages are a reflection of our cultural and societal attitudes.Most humans acquire language in early childhood and speak fluently when they are about three years old,but our continued relationship with language gives shape and meaning to our lives. 21 1.Take it slow. Many readers feel that they read too slowly,especially compared with others, but the truth is that the faster you read,the less likely you are to comprehend fully what you're reading. 22 Reading is a lifelong process; learning to read

closely and slowly will help you become faster over time without missing anything. 2. 23 When humans first began reading written words,it was unusual to read in silence.
Though generally inappropriate for commuters or for late-night adventurers,reading out loud is one of the best ways to improve your reading ability. 24 If so, you will begin to read more accurately and with better vocal expression.Try listening to the author reading their own work—you'll be surprised to find how clearly it comes through on the page.
3.Write. 25 How and what you read affects how and what you write,and the best readers
often make the best writers.But while much can be learned from close,repeated readings,there are many secretive pleasures to language that can only be experienced through the practice of writing.
A.Read aloud. B.Get into the rhythm of the author's voice. C.Here are 3 ways to become a better reader. D.Writing and reading go hand-in-hand. E.Try writing every day for a month; you will never read the same again. F.The ability to read is important to form an identity and express one's feelings. G.In that case,do not hesitate to re-read the passage. 本文是一篇说明文,就如何成为一个好的读者提出了三条建议。 21.C [根据下文提出的三点建议可知,C 项“下面是成为一名好读者的三点建议”能 够引出下文,符合语境。故选 C。] 22.G [上文提到你阅读的速度越快,你就越不可能完全理解所读的内容。下文提到阅 读是终生的过程。G 项“在这种情况下,不要犹豫,再读一遍”联系上下文,符合语境。故 选 G。] 23.A [根据下文中的“reading out loud is one of the best ways to improve your reading ability”可知,朗读是提高阅读技能最好的方式之一。A 项“大声阅读”能够概 括本段内容,符合语境。故选 A。] 24.B [根据上下文可知,朗读是提高阅读技能的其中一个方式。根据下文可知,如果 以书的作者的节奏朗读的话,你会朗读得更加准确,更生动。B 项“用作者的声音节奏朗读” 符合语境。故选 B。] 25.D [根据本段内容可知,阅读的方法和内容影响写作的方法和内容,最好的读者往

往能成为最好的作家。D 项“写作和阅读要保持一致,同时进行”符合本段主题,符合语境。 故选 D。]

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