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第一节 语法和词汇知识题(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项 涂黑。 16.Last month a plane loaded with 30 journalists and _____________to make a safe landing crashed in Iraq. A.tried B.trying C.to try D.was trying 17 There’s even___________special Olympics for extreme sports,called Winter X—Games, which includes snow mountain biking and ice climbing. A.a;the B.the;a C.the;the D.a;a 18.Had Tom spent as much time studying as he did _____the computer games,he would have passed the exam. A.play B.to play C.playing D.played 19.Is__________Qinghai-Tibet Railway plays an important role in China’s railway history the topic that you’re coming to? A.what B.it C.that D.this 20. Ken comes late, If ____________is usual for another time。 11 not receive him any more. we’ A.which B.that C.it D.as 21.—Mrs.Green。could you please tell us why your home—cooked meat usually tastes so delicious? —Sure.The meat___________all the better if you cook it slow. A.cooks B.is cooking C.cooked D. being cooked is 22. Most people there received so little education that they were they caused many troubles and hurt a lot of A.innocent…..indifferent people. B.ignorant…….innocent of the law. As a result,

C.innocent…….ignorant D.ignorant……..indifferent 23. This kind of social phenomenon could exist only for a few months, it will disappear_____. but A.in no time B.on the time C.at a time D.at one time 24. I can’t thank you_____much for your kindness because without your help I can’t_____ in the exam. A. too, have succeeded B. so, succeed C. that, have succeeded D. so, be succeeding 25. ----Did you remember to pay the telephone bill? -----The telephone bill? ____________ A. That isn’t due yet. B. Are you sure ? C. My telephone is out of order. D. Please remember the amount. 26 After the Arab states won their independence, much attention was paid to developing education, with girls as well as boys ________ to go to school. A. been encouraged B. encouraged C. to be encouraged D. be encouraged 27. He tried hard to keep calm in face of the policemen, but the sweat on his forehead _______ him _______. A. gave; away B. turned; down C. showed; out D. shut; off 28.---Are you a member of the club? --A.Yes; was C.Yes; had been .It’s years since I a member of the club. B.No; became D.No; was

29.One of the methods of introducing foreign genes into a plant is to make use of certain soil bacteria to infect the plant and transfer several of blue genes to the infected plant cells, in high rate of plant cell division. A.results C.resulted 30.We that amount. A.would be satisfied, came to C.were satisfied, would come to B.would have been satisfied, came to D.were satisfied, would have come to B.resulting D.to result with $75,000, but fortunately, the proceeds of that day finally twice

第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后从 31~50 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选 出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 I can honestly say it was the best of times and the worst of times.I was joyfully 31 my first Child at the same time that my once-energetic mother was 32 her battle with a brain cancer. For ten years,my courageous mother had fought,but none of the operations or other 33 had been successful. Finally, became totally 34 unable to speak, she walk, or dress on her eat own.As she grew closer and closer to death,my baby grew closer and closer to life.My biggest fear was that their lives would never 35 she and my baby could never 36 each other. My fear seemed 37 .A few weeks before my 38 date,mother went into a deep coma(昏迷)and doctors said she would never 39 .So we brought her to her own house.As often as I could,I 40 her about the baby moving inside me.I hoped that somehow 41 inside,she knew. On February 3rd,at about the same time my labor(分娩)started at hospital,the nurse at her house told me the 42 news:Morn opened her eyes,sitting up and smiling.I asked for the phone to be 43 to Morn’S ear. “Morn,you’II have a new grandchild!” “Yes!Yes!I know!” Four words。four _44__ and beautiful words! For the next tWO miracle weeks after I brought Jacob home,she gave US joy,smiling, holding Jacob and speaking to the family in complete 45 Then she quietly slipped back into a coma 46 and was finally free 47 the pain forever. Memories of my son’s birth will always be 48 for me,but it was at this time that I learned an important truth about living. 49 both joy and sorrow are lasting only a short time, and often intertwined(相互纠缠),love has the 50 to face both.And love can last forever. 31.A.hoping B.expecting C.waiting for D.taking care of 32.A.continuing B.starting C.completing D.losing 33.A.treatments B.methods C.measures D.injections 34.A.dull B.unmoved C.unconscious D.disabled 35.A.combine B.connect C.mix D.gather 36.A.replace B.bless C.know D.inspire 37.A.well-founded B.well—informed C.well—known D.well-planned 38.A.ready B.final C.due D.fixed 39.A.come over B.come up C.come back D.come around 40.A.discussed with B.talked to C.explained to D.described to 41.A.deep B.dangerous C.magic D.mysterious 42.A.strange B.fantastic C.impossible D.imaginary

43.A.built 44.A.accurate 45.A.words 46.A.state 47.A.off 48.A.light-hearted 49.A.If 50.A.power

B.set B.slow B.idioms B.setting B.against B.bitter-sweet B.As B.strength

C.felt C.clear C.descriptions C.reaction C.from C.nice C.Since C.force

D.put D.truthful D.sentences D.silence D.beyond D.fresh D.While D.energy

第三部分:阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题 卡上将该项涂黑。 A GENEVA--- The use of stimulants (兴奋剂) or drugs is increasing and something must be done about it, the WHO (World Health Organization) said on Friday. In the 1970s the international focus was on heroin. In the 1980s and the 1990s the focus was on cocaine. Now in the 21st century we are becoming frightened by the rapid increase in amphetamine--type stimulants, not only in the rich countries of the world but the whole world,” said the official of the WHO. Amphetamines are often used by the workers, such as long-distance truck drivers, to increase endurance(耐久力) or delay sleep, the official said. About 3 percent of the population of the world use amphetamine, experts said. In Britain, among young people between the ages of 16 and 19, fourteen percent of them have used amphetamine. In Korea, Japan, Denmark, the Philippines and Australia , amphetamine are more widely used than heroin or cocaine, a reporter said. The problem is also widespread in the United States, Western and Eastern Europe. 51. Why does the use of amphetamine-- type stimulants frighten us? A. Because the use of it is rapidly increased in the whole world.m B. Because many teenagers in Britain have used it. C. Because it is dangerous if drivers use it. D. Because people nowadays don’t use heroin or cocaine but amphetamines. 52. What is the purpose of writing this article? A. To introduce the problem of using amphetamine in America and Europe. B. To explain why there are so many people in the world using amphetamine. C. To tell the history of the use of amphetamine. D. To pay much attention to the increasing problem of using drugs. B This is a tense time for students in America, with the exam season in full swing and the stress and anxiety being felt across the country.At some universities,students are reviewing their lessons,knowing that in a few weeks the stress will be over once they put pen to paper in that exam hall.For others,however,that stress and anxiety may well last a while longer as lecturers continue to refuse to set exams.No one knows when things will get back to normal. The reason behind this trouble is the ongoing argument in higher education between lecturers and employers over pay.The Association of University Teachers(AUT)are currently taking industrial action because of the fact that lecturers have been underpaid for years.Vice-presidents of the universities,who enjoy six-figure salaries,are not making any noises to suggest that this

will change in the near future. The National Union of Students(NUS)absolutely believes that our lecturers should be better paid,and that the promises made to them during the top-up fees debate about extra income must be kept. It’s shameful that 1ecturers have had to take industrial action to achieve better pay and conditions while vice-presidents’ own salaries have risen 25%over the past three years.But the students who are suffering as a result of the argument must be put first.We do not agree with the attitude taken by the AUT,which is refusing to set exams.We admit that the decision to take this course of action was democratically(民主地)reached.However,it is having the biggest effect on our members at this moment in time and we will continue to let the AUT know the results of this. We call on both sides to sort this mess out.Hopefully then our members can get the horrible exam season Out of the way and start planning,and enjoying,their upcoming summer holiday. 53.The phrase“taking industrial action”in the second paragraph refers to A.doing some extra work about industry B.running a factory to earn more money C.refusing to set papers as a strike D.asking some workers to support them 54.What is the students’ opinion about the argument? A.They think it’s wrong that the lecturers ask for the better pay. B.They think what the vice-presidents have done is reasonable and understandable. C.They totally agree with what the lecturers have done and support them. D.They hope that the lecturers can set exams as soon as possible. 55.The author wrote this article on behalf of________. A.the vice-presidents B.the lecturers C.the students D.the AUT C Ours has become a society of employees. A hundred years or so ago only one of every five Americans at word was employed, i.e. ,worded for somebody else. Today only one out of five is not employed but working for himself. And fifty years ago “being employed” meant working as a factory laborer or as a farmhand. The employee of today is increasingly a middle-class person with a formal education, holding a professional or management job requiring intellectual(智力 的)and technical skills. Indeed, two things have characterized American society during these last fifty years: middle-class and upper-class employees have been the fastest-growing groups in our working population-growing so fast that the industrial worker, the oldest child of the industrial revolution has been losing in numerical importance in spite of the expansion of industrial production. Yet you will find little if there is anything written on what it is to be an employee. You can find a great deal of very dubious advice on how to get a job or how to get a rise. At least you can find a good deal of work in a chosen field, whether it is the mechanic's trade or bookkeeping. Every one of these trades requires different skills, sets different standards, and requires a different preparation. Yet they all have employee-ship in common. And increasingly, especially in the large business or in government, employee-ship is more important to success than the special professional knowledge or skill. Certainly more people fail because they do not know the requirements of being an employee than because they do not gain the skills of their trade. The higher you climb the ladder, the more you get into the management, and the greater the emphasis on ability to work within the organization rather than on technical ability or professional knowledge. 56. It is implied that fifty years ago ________.

A. eighty percent of American working people were employed in factories B. twenty percent of American intellectuals were employees C. the percentage of intellectuals in the total work force was about the same as that of industrial workers D. the percentage of intellectuals working as employees was not so large as that of industrial workers 57. According to the passage, with the development of modern industry, ________. A. factory laborers will overtake intellectual employees in number B. there are as many middle-class employees as factory laborers C. employers have connected great importance to factory laborers D. the rate of factory laborers in the total employee population has decreased 58. According to the writer, professional knowledge or skill is ________. A. less important than sense of being a good employee B. as important as the ability to deal with public relations C. more important than employer-employee relations D. as important as the ability to co-operate with others in the organization D Lack of parent willpower may contribute more to juvenile obesity than under-exercising or overeating. Research suggests that having overweight parents is a big influence upon a child’s weight, with one study finding that children with overweight parents were four times likely to be overweight themselves. The findings add heat to an already fierce political debate(争论 ) over children obesity. The Prime Minister, John Howard, last week decided that $ 116 million be used for programs to deal with obesity, while the Opposition Leader, Mark Latham, recently announced that his party would move to protect children from unhealthy food advertisements. Clare Collin, a senior lecturer at the University of Newcastle, believes such programs will definitely fail unless they influence the way of life of whole families. “ If we can’t get parents to take action against their own weight problems, then we can’t expect to influence their kids.” she said. However, Professor Louise Baur from the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, doubts whether adult education programs offer any solution to weigh problems. “Many parents know they need to lose weight and they know it influence their kids, but they lack the willpower to do anything about it.” The 10-year study of 150 American children found two-thirds of children with overweight parents became overweight. Only one in six children whose parents were of average weight became overweight. The president of the Australian Society for the Study of Obesity Associate Professor Gary Witttert, said parents needed help in doing their job and the Opposition Party’s policy might be on the right track. “We know that driving without a seat belt is unsafe, so we make law against it.” he said. “Obesity is a major public health concern, so why shouldn’t we change the law regarding unhealthy food ads?” 59. What does the underlines phrase “juvenile obesity” mean? A. Adult education B. Childhood overweight C. Parents’ influence D. Growing pains 60.What is TRUE about the program supported by the Prime Minister? A. Debates on them will become less fierce. B. They will be effective in dealing with obesity C. A large sum of money will be spent on them D. They will influence people’s way of life 61. Both Collins and Baur believe that overweight parents _____. A. will come up with better solutions B. will help with their children’s education

C. should be more active in reducing weight D. should carry out at least 10 years study E Real policemen hardly recognize any resemblance between their lives and what they see on TV. The first difference is that a policeman’s real life revolved round criminal law. He has to know exactly what actions are crimes and what evidence can be used to prove them in court. He has to know nearly as much law as a professional lawyer, and what is more, he has to apply it on his feet, in the dark and rain, running down a street after someone he wants to talk to. Little of his time is spent in chatting. He will spend most of his working life typing millions of words on thousands of forms about hundreds of sad, unimportant people who are guilty of stupid crimes. Most television crime drama is about finding the criminal: as soon as he’s arrested, the story is over. In real life, finding criminal is seldom much of a problem. Except in very serious cases like murders and terrorist attacks, little effort is spent on searching. Having made an arrest, a detective really starts to work. He has to prove his case in court and to do that he often has to gather a lot of different evidence. A third big difference between the drama detective and the real one is the unpleasant pressures: first, as members of a police force, they always have to behave absolutely in accordance with the law. Secondly, as expensive public servants, they have to get results. They can hardly ever do both. Most of the time some of them have to break the rules in small ways. If the detective has to deceive the world, the world often deceives him. Hardly anyone he meets tells him the truth. And this separation the detective feels between himself and the rest of the world is deepened by the simple—minded—as he see it—of citizens, social workers, doctors, law—makers, and judges, who, instead of eliminating crime, punish the criminals less severely in the hope that this will make them reform. The result, detective feel, is that nine—tenths of their work is re—catching people who should have stayed behind bars. This makes them rather cynical. 62.A policeman has to be trained in criminal law because A.he must work hard to help reform criminals B.he must behave as professional lawyers do C.he must be able to tell when and where a crime is committed D.he must justify the arrests he makes of criminals 63.What is the most suitable word that describes the work of a policeman according to the passage? A.Dangerous B.Demanding C.Distressing D.Dramatic . 64.According to the passage, policeman spend most of their time and efforts A.patrolling the street, rain or shine C.collecting and providing evidence B.tracking and arresting criminals D.consulting the rules of law .

65.Why do policeman feel separated from the real of the world? A.Because they do not receive due support from society B.Because they find people insincere to them C.Because they feel superior to the simple—minded people around them D.Because they are suspicious of the people around them.

第二卷 (二部分,共 20 分) 第一节 请认真阅读下面对话,并根据各题所给首字母的提示,在方框的右栏标有题号的横 线上, 写出一个英语单词的完整、正确的形式,使对话通顺。 Jack(J):Where have you been, Laura? Laura(L): Oh, I’ve just been to a s by a famous p J: What is it about? L: He mentioned something c 68 the concept 68_________________ 67 66 made 66_________________ 67_________________

from Beijing University

of “harmonious society” in his speech. J: Oh, that’s something people keep t 69 about 69_________________

nowadays! Then what did he say about it? L: He said that we should not only get a 70 71 well with . 70_________________ 71_________________ 72_________________ 73_________________

other people, but also live in harmony with n J: I’m in complete a the economy, we are i 72 73

with him. While developing with the ecology.

L: Yes. It’s high time we considered doing something to improve the environment p 74 by human beings. 75 to 74________________ 75________________

J: Hopefully, our government is taking m deal with the consequences.

第二节 书面表达(满分 10 分) 请根据以下提示,以“节约”------从身边做起(Save in everyday life)为题写一篇关于创建 节约型社会的短文。要求:100 词左右。 Why 资源有限:水,石油,森林等…… 水土流失等……. How 节约:事物,水,纸,电……

环境恶化:灾害性天气频繁,空气,水污染, 乘公共汽车,拒绝使用方便筷,塑料袋…..

答案 16--30BACCD, ABAAA, BADBB 31—50 BDADB CACDB ACDCD ACBDA talking . measures . along 51—65 AD CDC DDA BCC DBCA 66---75 speech professor .concerning . nature . agreement . interfering polluted

Save in everyday life As a middle school student, we should take an active part in creating a society that saves. On one hand, the natural resources are limited. We don’t have enough water ,oil or forest in many places. On the other hand ,people keep cutting down more trees . At the same time, everyone can see that the environment is getting worse, people suffer from more natural disasters nowadays. What is worse, air and water pollution is becoming more and more serious. In my opinion, we students should do something to stop wasting. We can save food, water, and paper, electricity, etc, in our daily life. Meanwhile, we should take buses instead of cars, refuse to use chopsticks which are only used once and don’t use plastic bags.



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